*meetings in August – quite polarised views, with significant feeling against no August meetings, but with considerable support for fewer meetings
*meetings with partners – no strong indicator of change either way with no support for fewer
*lunchtime speakers – firmly status quo
*promotions & Involvement – supportive with few constructive comments or ideas
*quiz – again supportive, suggestion of variation on the ‘conventional’ quiz format
*discussion – clearly liked, with surprising number of abstentions
*social events/ visits/activities – support for more with many visit suggestions but few social ideas
*wine tasting – any observation is superfluous, the clearest indicator of any topic!
*visit other clubs – supportive votes with reservations in comments due principally to distance
*informal buffet – seen as a good idea, but not on a regular basis
*Christmas party – no clear steer either way
*no programme change – biased towards disliking no change implying only limited change required


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