• The Steward should arrive sufficiently early to carry out duties, before returning to bar area to greet visiting Rotarians or guests.
• The Steward should introduce them to the President and ensure that a Rotarian looks after them.
·• Collect the store cupboard key from Hotel reception
.• Take out of cupboard
1. Visitors Book
2. Luncheon tickets, cash book etc
3. Book for Graces
4. Raffle prize ( usually a bottle )
5. Raffle tickets & bowl
6. Lectern
7. Bell / Gong
8. Bannerettes
9. PA system
.• Set up PA system, check the mictophone works and fit new battery if required
• Make sure the President and speaker understand that the microphone must be used
• Choose a Grace
• Ensure the visiting Rotarian or guests name, club or organisation and host is given to Secretary to add to the Presidents Aide Memoir


Say Grace when called upon by President
· Ask the guests to sign the Visitor’s Book
· Collect tickets (or cash) for meal – count & check numbers against the Attendance sheet
· Add up the raffle money
· Sort out & fold the raffle tickets and place ready for the President


•Give any the meal money to the Treasurer
· Give the raffle money to the Treasurer
· Give the Attendance Officer the Attendance sheet ( the secretary may wish to view & comment on the list )
· Return all the regalia, PA system, discarded magazines etc to the cupboard.
· Please check that nothing is left out or that any Rotarians are lost and left behind and need directing home.
· Lock the store cupboard
· Return the key to Hotel Reception and agree/sign for the total the number of diners in their recording book( the Hotel’s Dining Account for the Club is based on this task)


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