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Aqua and Shelter boxes

Aberystwyth Rotary club has a long history of supplying Aqua a Shelter boxes and proceeds of this years’ (2015)International Committee Summer Charity Pig roast will be used to purchase Shelter boxes

Shelter boxes

Each box, which costs £490, provides shelter and warmth for up to 10 people for a prolonged period. It contains a high quality 10-person tent, manufactured from modern lightweight but resilient and robust materials plus 10 high quality durable sleeping bags and ancillary equipment such as a multi fuel cooker, spade and rope.There are also the Aqua box 30’s that provide just the means of providing safe clean water. In these situations Aqua box 30’s and Emergency boxes containing welfare items can become good partners when delivered together.
The Shelterbox Trust is organised and administered by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard, who will purchase boxes and equipment as required.
Shelter Boxes are often seen as being replaced by Aqua boxes.
However, there are situations where clean safe water is not a priority and there are cases where water purification is not needed. Shelter boxes are also a valuable aid at those man made disasters where although the infrastructure is sound there is a need for the welfare items. A good example of this is for refugee relief.
The Shelter box has an important role to play in disaster relief and we ask clubs to continue to give support.
Shelter Box
What do we do when disaster strikes?
We know that they happen worldwide on a daily basis. Floods, earthquakes, wars, etc. We read about them almost daily in our newspapers and see the resulting aftermath and chaos on TV. Often thousands of people are left injured, displaced and homeless over a widespread area.
In an emergency, both local and international ‘Relief Agencies’ react with initial aid and assistance to relieve the immediate suffering and hardships.
How often after this first response have we heard the Aid Agencies asking for additional help in the form of tents and sleeping bags to accommodate and protect these displaced and vulnerable people?
Often they need shelter and protection for many months after the disaster until the local infrastructure is re-established and able to cope. The Rotary answer is the Shelter Box.
The Cost
The cost of a complete Shelter Box is £490. The boxes and new equipment will be purchased as ‘donations’ are received. Donations of less than the cost of a complete box are expected and welcomed. These will be used to purchase individual items toward a complete box.
Best value has been achieved by working closely with the UK’s leading suppliers, all items being obtained at less than trade prices! Assuming 6 months use, this equates to shelter and warmth for about 25 pence per person per day!
About The Shelter Box

Each box will provide shelter and warmth for up to ten people for a prolonged period. Each box will be uniform in size, weight and content and will contain a high quality 10 person funnel tent, manufactured from modern lightweight but resilient & robust materials, plus 10 high quality durable sleeping bags, some ancillary equipment, including spade, torch, ropes, etc.
All equipment will be news and unused and has been selected for its usefulness and quality and will have a long and useful life once distributed by international aid agencies. These robust standardised multi-functional Shelter Boxes are secure, easily stored and transported and once on site can be used in many other varied and useful ways…….water, storage, baby’s cot, table, etc.
The Organisation
The Shelter Box Trust will purchase boxes and equipment as required. Complete boxes will be assembled, numbered and held in store to be distributed as and when called for by recognised and established international aid agencies. Organisations and individuals who make donations will be advised of the identification number pf ‘their box’, its status and final destination.


The Aquabox was conceived and initiated by the Rotary Club of Wirksworth in Derbyshire in 1992 as a simple evolution of the previously existing Emergency Box, to provide items of humanitarian aid (clothing, hygiene equipment, simple tools and shelter facility), as for the emergency box but with the additional provision of a simple tank, filter and water purification tablets. Since inception over 27,000 standard Aquaboxes have been distributed, with boxes sponsored and filled by Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs, churches and other voluntary organisations and dispatched overseas and monitored by a number of reputable Aid Agencies.

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The standard Aqua box has two functions – it is filled with a selection of items and it also contains a filter cartridge and matching supply of water treatment tablets. Once the welfare items have been removed each box filter can be used to purify up to 1,100 litres of polluted water, making it safe and pleasant to drink.As an example, 1,100 litres is 5,000 cups enough say for a group of four people drinking 10 cups a day for about four months. The aqua box system has been exhaustively tested by an independent body proving it to bencoded
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Standard Aquaboxes containing humanitarian aid are sponsored by a donation of £40 which includes the cost of transportation to and from the sponsor or filler. Clubs can either sponsor a box and receive it for filling or, if preferred, a sponsor can make a donation and schools and other organisation can be located to fill a box for which they do not have funds to sponsor. Each standard Aquabox provides purification of 1,000 liters of polluted water – sufficient for a family of 4 for nearly four months of drinking water.
Aquabox 30 – Additionally, donations of £250 can be made to sponsor an Aquabox 30 which is filled at source with 30 sets of filters and tablets to provide a total of 33,000 liters of purified water. (Over 2,800 Aqua 30’s have been dispatched directly to disaster areas since inception).
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