rota, Morrisons 15th Dec

                          Collection at Morrisons, Friday 15th December
The Club has been given a Collection Day at Morrison’s Supermarket on Friday, 15th December.  Volunteers are needed from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. We envisage two (or three) Rotarians being present in hourly slots throughout the day. 
We only have two collection days at Morrison’s this year (the other date was Friday  6th October) and would like to make the most of these days to raise as much money as we can for local charities.  The proceeds from both days will be added to the Club’s Christmas Collection for distribution in the New Year.
Your support will be much appreciated.  

timeRotarian 1Rotarian 2Rotarian 3
10 - 11

Colin FletcherMeurig LewisAlun Rees
11 - 12

Geraint Thomas John H DaviesAllen Carr
12 - 1

Colin Eagles Alan Axford Robin Varley
1 - 2

Emlyn Watkin Lindsay Fletcher Clive Parker
2 - 3

Hywel JonesIori Jones Sonia Dobson
3 - 4

John BradshawMike Price David McParlin
4 - 5

Colin Fletcher Hywel Davies
Dafydd Evans


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