Menai Strait visit

Boat tour of the Menai Strait

Tuesday 19th June

A 2 hour guided boat ride in an inflatable rib along the length of the Menai Strait, taking in the bridges, the swellies, Puffin island and all the many places of interest on both shores. The charge is £345/boat, seating 11 persons. More than one boat available. A self drive 225 HP little number can be hired for the more adventurous!
The proposal would be to take a coach to Menai Bridge, depart 9 am, time in Menai Bridge, lunch in Dylan’s, boat ride, earlyish evening meal somewhere on the return journey, arriving back in Aberystwyth around 8.30 pm. . The coach cost per person quotes based on full load – 33 seater £12, 29 seater £16.

Update 24 February . 14 confirmed, 12 confirmations  outstanding, 4 additional  on waiting list. Could be on track for 3 boats! Keep looking for more on the waiting list.

Update, 14 February. 24 have signed up to date.A deposit of 50% of the boat hire will be required by 27th February. i.e., £32/ person if we have 100% boat fill.

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