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Youth Services committee

The role of the Youth Development committee is to identify and develop projects and activities, which satisfy the needs and develop the aspirations of local young people

2017/2018 Committee members
Eifion Lewis (Chair), Ken Young (IPC), Geraint Thomas, Dewi Hughes, John Pugh-Jones, Alan Wynne Jones, Ian Rees.

Minutes of meeting 7 November 2017


Minutes of meeting 12 September 2017

Present:- Eifion Lewis (Chair), Dewi Hughes, Alan Wynne Jones, Ian Rees and GerainThomas.

Apologies:- Dafydd Evans, Clive Parker, John Pugh-Jones and Ken Young.

  1. Kids Out

We will be supporting this project again this year.

  1. RYLA

Emily Thomas, who attended the  RYLA  course at Storey Arms, will be our speaker on Tuesday, 24th October and she will be presented with her Certificate.

  1. Young Photographer

Photos still awaiting to be judged.

  1. Young Musician

Marine Hotel has been booked for Tuesday, 14th November for our local Competition which will start at 6.30p.m. A one course dinner with coffee/tea will be served at approx 7.45p.m. at a cost of £12.

Ian Rees has arranged for two judges to attend. He has also been promised some sponsorship. It was noted that there are sufficient Certificates on hand.

Our club has been asked to hold a District Competition again this year at Penglais School which will take place in January. Alan Wynne Jones will be in charge of this event..

  1. Young Chef

Dewi Hughes will be contacting schools shortly. Having read all the rules recently it appears there is some uncertainty whether Coleg Ceredigion students are allowed to participate. Further investigation will take place.

  1. Youth speaks Welsh and English

We will be contacting schools in September.

  1.  Xmas Soiree

Singers from amongst the committee have agreed to help Hywel out at this event.

Minutes of meeting 11 July 2017

Present:- Eifion Lewis (Chair), Alan Wynne Jones and John Pugh Jones.

Apologies:- Dewi Hughes, Ian Rees, Geraint Thomas and Ken Young.

  1. Kids Out

A very successful day out with Llwyn yr Eos, Penglais and Penweddig  schools took place on Wednesday, 5th July. This had been carried over from previous year due to problems with the venue at Capel Bangor. 31 children and 14 Carers were taken to Devil’s Bridge on the Rheidol Railway and then taken by bus to Nant yr Arian for their picnic before returning home.

A special thanks to Alun John for arranging free transport through Mid Wales Travel and to Geraint Thomas and Ken Young for helping to arrange the trip.

Total cost was £3 under budget. There could be some monies due from Don Carsley (District).

  1. RYLA

Emily Thomas will finish her course on Friday, 28 July and a small presentation will be made at Storey Arms at around 5.30p.m. I hope to be in attendance.

  1. Young Photographer

            Photos awaiting to be judged.

  1. Young Musician

Alan Wynne Jones has been asked to hold a Zone Competition again this year at Penglais which will take place in January. The local competition will be held at the Marine Hotel on the 14th November under the watchful eye of Ian Rees.

  1. Young Chef

            We will be contacting schools in September.

  1. Youth speaks Welsh and English

            We will be contacting schools in September.

7. Mock Interviews       

            Awaiting dates from the Schools.

Meeting closed at 1.55p.m.


Youth Services Meeting 6th June 2017

Its my pleasure on behalf of my committee to share with you the programme we propose to follow for the forthcoming year.
The committee consists of: Ken Young (last year’s Chairman), Dewi Hughes, John Pugh-Jones, Alan Wynne Jones, Ian Rees, Geraint Thomas and myself.

This year’s candidate is Emily Thomas from Penglais and she will be attending the course at the end of July at Storey Arms. Next year we will be choosing a candidate from Penweddig School.

Young Photographer.
This competition has been run in conjunction with FfotoAber and actually took place during the Cyclefest week in the town. Judging will take place shortly.

Kids Out
Problems have risen this year due to the venue not been available to us. It will now however take place on 6th July. A trip on the Devil’s Bridge railway.
We do intend to carry out similar event next year.

Young Musician
Thanks to the hardwork of our members. Alan Wynne,Geraint Ian and Alun this has been very successful last few years with a music night where the judging takes place. We hope to carry on with this event.

Young Chef, Youth speaks Welsh/English Young Writer competitions will also be taken into consideration during future meetings.

Mock Interviews at Penglais,Penweddig schools and Further Education College.

We are also looking into links that is being established between District Rotary and the Rotary club of Trelew.


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