International Service Committee

The International Service committee’s function is to raise the awareness and effectiveness of international and world community service provided by districts and clubs. It’s aim is to identify and suitable causes and projects and take the responsibility for raising the supporting funding.

2017/2018 Committee members
Howard Jones (Chair), Lindsay Fletcher (IPC), Allan Carr, Iori Jones, David McParlin, Richard Morgan, Emlyn Watkin, Gareth Williams.


Committee meeting  23 January 2018

Present: Richard Morgan; David McParlin; Lindsay Fletcher; Howard Jones

Absent: Allen Carr; Iori Jones; Emlyn Watkin; Gareth Williams


1.Pig Roast

2.Future fundraisers

3.Chair and vice-chair

  1. Monies raised from theAnnual Pig Roast amounted to £470. A further contribution from Rotary funds was added to this in order to purchase a Shelter Box. The future of this annual event was discussed as attendance is on the decline. HJ has received feedback questioning the suitability of the rugby club. Brynamlwg was identified as an alternative to the RC. Committee members felt that a pig roast is the most financially viable in order to feed a large group of people. John Bradshaw is however crucial for this event and he should be consulted. It is necessary to discuss matters with the Inner Wheel as they share in the organisation of the event as well as sharing the proceeds. HJ to discuss the matter with John Bradshaw as well as the Chair of the Inner Wheel International Committee.
  2. Future fundraisers. Two suggestions were made. DMcP suggested a street collection on a Saturday in May. The other suggestion was a Horse Racing evening with Brynamlwg being the possible venue. RM had prior knowledge of hosting such an event and explained the question of sponsorship of the horses and the importance of a good turnout. The committee felt that it was worth considering as it would be a first for the Rotary Club. HJ to carry out a feasibility study.
  3. HJ apologised for meetings not taking place during his visit to Vietnam. When asked by President Martin to take over the chair the opportunity of working in Vietnam had not arisen. It is therefore important to have a vice-chair nominated in the future.


Committee meeting  12 September 2017

No meeting

Committee  meeting 11 July 2017

Present: Lindsay Fletcher; Iori Jones; David McParlin; Richard Morgan; Emlyn Watkins; Howard Jones

Absent: Allan Carr; Gareth Williams

The main business of the meeting was to discuss or rather have an update on the pig roast.

LF volunteered to provide raffle tickets. It is also necessary to ask for donations for the raffle prizes.

This can be done at the two preceding meetings i.e. 25/7 and 1/8.

RM volunteered to sell raffle tickets on the day.

HJ and Sue Davis (Inner Wheel) to visit the Rugby Club on 13/7 to meet with committee members and to discuss practical details such as salads, crockery, washing up details.

There isa need to IC members to volunteer their time on the 5/8 in order to prepare the outside area of the RC.

The Christmas Soiree was discussed with the possibility of theIC organising it.

Minutes of International Committee held on 06.06.2017

Present: Lindsay Fletcher; Iori Jones; David McParlin; Richard Morgan; Howard Jones

Absent: Allan Carr; Emlyn Watkin; Gareth Williams

The main business of the meeting was the annual pig roast. LF had visited the rugby club and pencilled in Sunday the 6th of August. LF informed the committee that the rugby club set up has changed. It is now run by the committee rather than a steward. John Bradshaw has once again agreed to organise the pig. HJ to contact Inner Wheel re: deserts. The was a discussion regarding the preparation of salads etc. HJ to investigate possible caterers. It was agreed that the number of tickets should remain at 100 and the price to remain at £15.

HJ to contact Inner Wheel, the Rugby Club and caterers.

There was a discussion regarding donation of money raised. The possibility of the Winnie Mabaso Foundation was considered.

HJ to present a progress report at the next committee meeting.


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