Foundation service committee

The role of Foundation Service committee is to raise awareness in the club of Rotary Foundation, identify and support international projects, provide counselling and support for visiting Rotary scholars and identify suitable applicants for Rotary scholarships and Group Study Exchange schemes.

2017/2018 Committee members
Alan Axford (Chair), Hugh Davies (IPC), John Ockey, Haydn Davies, John Davies, Peter Gardner, Hugh Spencer Lloyd, Alun Rees.


 Present:   Huw Spencer Lloyd (acting chair}, Hugh Davies, Alun Rees
Apologies: Dr Alan Axford.

The Lionel White Award. The amended upper age limit of 23 years was confirmed allowing those students on a five year course to apply. Full details are on the Club website and a notice will appear on the Cambrian News in November. Dead line for applications 31 January 2018. Should schools be informed of the Scholarship ?
A bilingual certificate for the successful candidate had been drafted by Michael Deaville with Hywel Wyn Jones and Delyth Davies involved in the translation.

Christmas Cards. Despite examining many photographs of Aber scenes by photographer Keith Morris none were deemed better than that used for the card last year. After some consultation it was agreed that last year’s image would be used again. There was some haste to produce the card because of sales at the Farmer’s market in September. HSL acted as the contact with Cambrian Printer and obtained a quote for 750 cards on 14-07-2017 viz  £170 + VAT (£34) plus envelopes £56.25  Total £260.25
When the cards were collected the bilingual Season’s Greetings phrase had not been printed on the inside of the card. After some consultation with Club members it was decided to accept the cards (there were some not in agreement)  It was felt that as well as being suitable as a Christmas Card it could be used an ‘ occasion’ card
The printers offered a small discount. The revised invoice showed a charge of £235 inclusive of VAT. The cards would be on sale at £3.50 per pack of five or 3 packs at £10
Thanks to Richard Griffiths for organising the rota of Rotarians for the Club’s space at the Market as well as setting up the stall early on Sat 16 September.

Christmas Puddings per RC of Cwmbran Vale. HD was able to produce a flyer from that Rotary Club-the puddings would again cost £10 each.   The charity benefitting would be Meningitis UK. A request list would be circulated at an early Club meeting so that an order can be placed.

Committee meeting 11th July 2017

Present: – Alan Axford (Chair), Hayden Davies, Hugh Davies, Alun Rees, Huw Spencer Lloyd.
Apologies: – John Davies, Peter Gardner.

1 Christmas Cards
Richard Griffiths in contact with Keith Morris re. possible suitable photograph for this year’s card. As last years card was so successful it was suggested that it could be repeated if no suitable alternative.
Huw Spencer Lloyd agreed to enquire of Cambrian Printers the cost of supplying 750 cards.

2 Christmas Puddings
It is likely that the Rotary Club of Cwmbran will repeat the sale of puddings in support of the charity ‘Meningitis Now’. 24 to be ordered as per last year.

3 Lionel White Scholarship
The upper age limit has been increased to 23. Publicity of the scholarship to local schools takes place in October and in the past Alun John has assumed the role. Following his resignation there is need to confirm who will be responsible for this year. It was suggested that Geraint Thomas might agree to do this. An advert is also placed in the Cambrian News around the time of half term.
Former recipient Hannah Glasser to present to the club during August.
Presentations from Ffion Edwards and Rowena Donnison, this years recipients, yet to be confirmed.
Past President Derrick had asked Hugh Davies to design an appropriate certificate to be presented to future recipients. It was agreed that this should be presented at next Council Meeting.

An application for funding to support an elective period in a hospital at Dar es Salaam in July this year was received by Past President Derrick in May. As Foundation Committee did not receive this until after the time of the proposed visit it was agreed that funding could not be made retrospectively. Chairman to inform applicant Megan Meredith.


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