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Foundation service committee

The role of Foundation Service committee is to raise awareness in the club of Rotary Foundation, identify and support international projects, provide counselling and support for visiting Rotary scholars and identify suitable applicants for Rotary scholarships and Group Study Exchange schemes.

The Mission of the Rotary Foundation is to support the efforts of Rotary International in fulfilment of the Object of Rotary, Rotary’s mission and the achievement of World understanding and peace through local, national and international humanitarian, educational and cultural support programs. The Foundation has become one of the foremost non-governmental foundations in the world. It is said that every minute of every day Rotary will touch the lives of millions somewhere in the world. The Rotary Foundation is one of the world’s leading charitable foundations and each Rotarian can be justly proud of its achievements in the past, present and in the future.

Present:- Hugh Davies (Chair),  Meurig Lewis, John Pugh-Jones
Apologies:- John Ockey, Emlyn Watkins
1)  LIONEL WHITE SCHOLARSHIP – We expect to have £1,000 on offer once again this year to any young person or persons up to the age of 21 with a permanent address in Aberystwyth who wish to go on a short term humanitarian project in officially sponsored work programmes.
Hannah Glasser, this year’s winner will not actually be going to carry out her project in Madagascar until the beginning of 2017. It is hoped the presentation of her grant can take place in Penglais School in September. This will enable us to promote next year’s grant at the same time.
2)  XMAS CARDS – The sale of Christmas Cards last year went particularly well with a profit of £238 having               been achieved. We are therefore proposing to offer cards again this year to Club members and anyone else who would wish to buy them.
3)  XMAS PUDDINGS – It is our intention to sell Christmas puddings again this year. As they can only be bought in    packs of 12, we shall try to establish the likely interest of club members before placing an order
4)  GRANTS – With £488 available from the profit on Christmas cards and from the Lionel White                        Scholarship scheme we are anxious to use this sum towards any District Grants that may be considered. Last year we were able to qualify for a District grant of £1000 which went to   Hospice At Home. It is our intention to liaise once again with Community Services Committee.
5)  CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS – It has been suggested that a Card For All Occasions should be produced based on one of the winning entries from the Youth Photographic competition. Last year none of the entries     were considered suitable. We shall liaise once again with Youth Activities and if a suitable     photograph is produced a draft will produced for the members approval.

Foundation Report to 2016 AGM
Despite not having an International Scholar to look after this year, the Foundation committee has had a successful and enjoyable Rotary season..
Past President Richard Griffiths did an excellent job in selling Christmas cards both in the July barbecue and at the September street market. He was so successful that  we were sold out by the end of October!. Selling Christmas cards out of season showed true “Service before Self”.  The profit on the cards amounted to £238.00.
Much hard work went into advertising and coordinating the Lionel White Scholarship Scheme under the careful scrutiny of Rotarian John Pugh Jones. We are also grateful to Rotarian Alun John for publicising it during his school visits to talk about RYLA. Whilst we only had one application it was a strong one and we were pleased to award £750 to Hannah Glasser, who will be going to Madagascar in April 2017 with IVHQ ( International Volunteer HQ). Whilst there she will be undertaking teaching and conservation work. We hope to present her with the cheque at a Penglais school assembly later in the year.
£1250 had been available for awards and so there is therefore a potential £500 to be carried forward but  I will comment on this later in my report..
We are pleased to report that 24 Christmas puddings were gobbled up, with the Stroke Foundation benefiting from the proceeds.
One of the highlights for us this year was liaising on projects with other committees. An example of which was working with Com Voc to maximise our charitable giving from the Christmas collection. As soon as we knew that the main charity Com Voc were supporting was HAHAV, we successfully applied for a District Rotary grant for £1000 which was the maximum amount available. This supplemented the £1200 allocated from the collection and allowed us to give the charity £2200.
We were hoping to liaise with Youth Activities to produce a “Card for all Occasions”, based on one of the winning entries from the Youth Photographic competition. Regrettably none of the entries were deemed suitable this year but we hope next year’s committee will pursue the project.
The profit of £238 from the sale of Christmas cards mentioned earlier, is to be kept aside in Club funds as seed money for any matching District or Global grants for which the Club may apply. This will also be applicable to the £500 excess award money from the Lionel White Scholarship scheme. Over the last two years there have been very few applicants and our treasurer feels uncomfortable at seeing unallocated award money being held over for another year.My grateful thanks to all my committee members for their diligent and hard work over the last Rotary year.

Committee  meeting19th January 2016
Lionel White Scholarship –  We have only received one application. This has come from Hannah Glasser who lives at Sea View Place, Aberystwyth. Hannah is a 17 year old student at Penglais Secondary School and she has been provisionally accepted to join the Pioneer Madagascar Scheme from the 4th January to the 14th March, 2017. This scheme is run by an organisation called “Azafady” and during the last ten years their Madagascar programme has:
Constructed 23 schools.
Constructed 1145 latrines and provided 112 wells to rural communities benefiting more than 40,000 people.
Assisted ONG Azafady to produce 10,000 seedlings of two critically endangered species in their nurseries.
Azafady was also named as the “Best Volunteering Organisation” at the 2013 British Youth Travel Awards.
Hannah’s place on the programme is subject to her providing two character references and £500, being part of the minimum donation of £1995 required. In addition to this amount she will have to cover the pre-project costs such as her flight and visa. She confirms she will be able to part fund the project herself as she has created an independent business selling her own art work.
Our committee are impressed with this application and would like to support it subject to her acceptance on the scheme being confirmed and Club Council’s approval.We have not finalised the amount we wish to recommend in case other applications are received before the Scholarship scheme closing date of the 31st January. The minimum however is likely to be £500.
District Grants – With regard to our District Grant application for match funding in support of HAHAV, we are yet to receive final confirmation that we have been successful. We have advised District of our successful Christmas collection and hence our Club will be able to meet their financial commitment of £1000. It is understood that HAHAV are to receive the excellent amount of £1200.
AoB – Our “Cards for all occasions” project is still ongoing. We are working towards them being ready for sale by this year’s Charter Night.
Club’s annual foundation donation to District – We recommend to Council that 50% be allocated to Polio Eradication and 50% to the Annual Programmes Fund.
Council approved both recommendations.
Meurig reported that he had now received telephone confirmation from District that the grant application was successful, and we now awaited the £1000 from District. Meanwhile Club funds would be used to present a cheque, for the enhanced total of £2200, to HAHAV at the presentation event on 3rd February. In the highly improbable event of the £1000 not being forthcoming from District, Meurig as HAHAV Treasurer promised that the £1000 would be repaid to Club.
Richard expressed concern that the lack of scholarship candidates was creating an underspend. Council accepted Richard’s recommendation that such unallocated funds be transferred to our Global Grants “seed-fund” {creation approved by Council on 27/07/15}]

Committee meeting 24th November 2015
The report of the meeting was received and adopted as follows:
Lionel White Scholarship – Work on the awards is well in hand. The scheme has been publicised in the Cambrian News and details have been given to the educational establishments involved. Closing date for applications is the 31st January, 2016.
Christmas Cards – We are pleased to report that all 500 of this year’s Christmas Cards have been sold resulting in a profit of £200 (Income £384 less costs £184).
Christmas Puddings –  24 Christmas puddings have also been sold and many thanks go to Richard G for his endeavours in selling both the Christmas cards and Christmas puddings.
District Grants – You will recall that we are working in conjunction with the Community and Vocational committee to try and obtain a district grant of £1000 for the Aberystwyth and District Hospice at Home Volunteers. This is for match funding from this year’s Christmas collection. We are pleased to report that the grant proposal has been provisionally agreed by District subject to completion of a full application form. There is a hiccup in that Hospice have got all the equipment they require but they need help in paying for a part time coordinator. We believe District would prefer to see something definite being purchased but we are still trying to clarify the matter.
AoB – With regard to production of “Our card for all occasions”, we did not feel that any of the winning entries in the photographic competition were suitable for what we required. We are therefore going to ask Keith Morris, photographer, if he can provide anything. It is still our intention to have cards for sale by next Easter.

[Meurig reported that the current criteria will apply; i.e. worthwhile applicants not meeting the criteria will be declined.
Richard reminded Council that last year’s annual Foundation donation to District was allocated 50% to Polio Eradication and 50% to the Annual Programmes Fund, for that year only. At its next meeting, Foundation committee will consider a recommended allocation for this year.]

Committee meeting -15th September, 2015
Work on this year’s Lionel White Scholarship awards will commence shortly, when Past President Emlyn Watkin and Rotarian John Pugh Jones will send out letters to the secondary schools and others who have received details of the scheme in the past. It was agreed that these should be with the schools by the beginning of November and that the closing date for applications will be 31st January 2016. A letter of thanks had been received from one of last year’s award winners who had travelled as a helper/carer on the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes.
Past and present experience s
hows that we get worthwhile applications outside the time window of the Lionel White scholarship scheme and the committee are concerned that we cannot allocate even small amounts for such cases. We will therefore be reviewing how we can overcome this difficulty and will be reporting back in due course.

We are pleased to advise that all last year’s stock of Christmas cards was sold by P/P Richard Griffiths at this year’s pig roast and a sum of £38 was realised. We would like to keep that sum for Foundation based activities, to which the Club Treasurer has agreed.
With regard to this year’s cards, the committee chairman and P/P Richard Griffiths have been looking at designs and one, showing the National Library taken by photographer Keith Morris from Vicarage Fields, unanimously met with the committee’s approval. As the membership team were holding a stall at the Farmer’s market the following Saturday when they were hoping to sell the cards, it was agreed to go ahead and order 500 at a cost of £183.13. This included a loyalty fee of £25 to the photographer and all the envelopes. The cards will be sold in packs of five for £3.50.
With regard to Christmas Puddings, we will be sending a list around shortly to ascertain what the demand is likely to be. It was agreed that unless we get orders for 12, we will not bother to order any.
In conjunction with the Community and Vocational committee we have sent off an application for a District Grant in the sum of £1000. This is for match funding from the Christmas collection towards their main charity this year which is for Aberystwyth and District Hospice at Home Volunteers.
We will still be pursuing our idea of producing a “Card for all Occasions” which hopefully will depict the winning image in this year’s Youth photographic competition. It is unlikely however that these will be for sale until the Spring, unless necessity demands.

Committee meeting – 14th July, 2015
Our International Scholar, Jordan Shapiro will be leaving Aberystwyth in September but we understand she will be addressing the Club with her coursework experiences before she leaves.
Rotarian John Pugh Jones will be sending out letters in the Autumn regarding the Lionel White Scholarships and these will go to Penglais, Penweddig and Tregaron Secondary Schools. We will also be advertising in the Cambrian News.
Much discussion was spent on Christmas cards, both regarding the stock in hand from last year and the type of card we get for this year. As the motto says “Shop early for Christmas”, we will be offering last year’s cards for sale at the Pig Roast this weekend. With regard to this year, Past President Richard Griffiths volunteered to contact Cambrian Printers to see what they can offer by way of Rotary personalised cards.
Richard will also speak to them regarding our idea of producing what we call “A card for all occasions”. We are liaising with our colleagues on the Youth Activities programme for the winning entry in their photographic competition to be printed on the front of the card. The inside will be left blank for the purchaser to personalise whilst on the back will printed the details for the Aberystwyth Rotary Club.
We are not sure what the demand is likely to be for Christmas Puddings. The number sold has been reducing in recent years. We will therefore be sending round a board to ascertain the number required and make a decision thereafter. The minimum number we can order is a dozen at a cost of £10 each and we would not wish to be left with cake on our face.

Committee meeting 20 January 2015 
Global Grant Approved – Jordan had settled in well and is seeking contact with a Welsh politician in order to develop a project. John Harries had indicated there was no action required of the committee at this stage but thought be given to asking Jordan to attend other clubs to make presentations etc.
District Grants – nothing to report. No applications submitted
Lionel White Scholarships – Letters and emails had been sent to Penglais School, Ysgol Penweddig, Coleg Ceredigion inviting applications. A press release had been issued to and published by Cambrian News.
One application received to date. However, in a recent phone call from Cate Brown of Penglais School she indicated that another application will be submitted from a student visiting Costa Rica for humanitarian purposes. As the closing date is 31st January the committee deferred consideration. A special meeting would be arranged after the closing date to consider the applications.
Christmas Cards – Only 38 sets sold out of 75 sets supplied. There is therefore is a financial shortfall of £54.50. It is clear that too many were ordered and also comments had been received about the quality of the cards. A review would be necessary when considering the matter next year.
Christmas Puddings – All 24 accounted for and disposed
Polio Eradication – Following the recommendation of the meeting held 16th September Club Council considered the annual Foundation donation to District and the opportunity to allocate part or all of the donation (currently £30 per head) to Polio Eradication, Club agreed for this year only, that 50% be allocated to Polio Eradication and 50% to the Annual Programmes Fund.

Committee meeting 25 November 2014
In the absence of the Chairman (Emlyn Watkin) who has not yet recovered from a knee operation the committee were rudderles. However we were able to discuss present progress as far as we were aware
.Emlyn had recently ‘e’ mailed Club member with a copy of a letter received from the Head of Sixth Form at Penglais expressing her thanks to Rotary for their support over the past year. She confirmed that she would bring to the attention of her pupils the funding that will be available again next year towards humanitarian projects under the Lionel White scheme.
Letters have also been sent to Penweddig, the College of Further Education and the Cambrian News.
Iori Jones reported that the sales of Christmas Cards was disappointing with only about half of those ordered being sold. Comments were made about the quality of the cards and that maybe we should look for an alternative source next year.Hugh Davies reported that he had started selling the Xmas Puddings but the there are still two or three puddings still available

Committee meeting 16th September 2014
Foundation Global Grant Approved. – Members had heard the update from SVP John Harries that the arrival of Jordan Shapiro was imminent and that she will be speaking to Club after she has settled in. In view of the fact that Rtn John Harries had agreed to act as host counsellor and the Treasurer was in control of the finances there did not seem that there was much for the Committee to do at this stage. Unlike the Ambassadorial scholars we have hosted in the past there is no requirement for the student to make a number of club visits and undertake a series of speaking engagements at other Rotary Clubs.
District Grants – No suggested projects were put forward for submission to District for District Grants.
Lionel White Scholarships – The Committee noted that there is some £1,000 available to distribute and will issue press releases and letters etc to schools at the appropriate time later in the year. Someone from Foundation Committee will attend the Schools when talking about RYLA to explain the scholarship and to encourage applications. The timetable and action would be considered at the next meeting.

Committee meeting 15th July 2014
Foundation Global Grant – Approved.The Chair updated the committee on progress.The funding from Rotary Foundation under the Global Grant had been received by the Treasurer and amounted to £18,422. However, the amounts included for Tuition, Accommodation and travelling don’t appear to allow a great deal of additional flexibility for affording the other costs involved. The student had secured a loan to help with costs but until she arrives it is difficult to see what will be the additional requirements. In view of the fact that Rtn John Harries had agreed to act as host counsellor and the Treasurer was in control of the finances there did not seem that there was much to do at this stage. Unlike the Ambassadorial scholars we have hosted in the past there is no requirement for the student to make a number of club visits and undertake a series of speaking engagements at other Rotary Clubs although no doubt we would want her to speak at our Club.

Foundation Committee will provide support as necessary during the year.
India project – An email application for involvement in a Global Grant project had been received from a former youth exchange student of Rotary based in District 3201 India. The project costs were some US$ 96,000 and the request for the India club and ours to find 50% of the costs. The scale of the funding required appeared to be too large for our club to consider and perhaps it should be referred to District for their consideration. It was not clear if this application had been sent to other Rotary Clubs. The Chair will liaise with other chairs to agree a response.
District Grants – No suggested projects were put forward for submission to District for District Grants.
Lionel White Scholarships – The Committee noted that there is some £1,000 available to distribute and will issue press releases and letters etc to schools at the appropriate time later in the year. Someone from Foundation Committee will attend the Schools when talking about RYLA to explain the scholarship and to encourage applications.
Engineers Without Borders-UK project. – An email application had been received for financial assistance for the Engineers Without Borders-UK project. The objective was to raise funds as a donation and therefore it did not appear to be eligible under the scholarship. In any event it was too late for this year’s allocation and the Chair had responded accordingly.
Midwifery project – Another email application for financial assistance had been received in respect of a Midwifery Twinning Project to purchase a training package. Again this dod not appear to be eligible under the scholarship scheme.
Christmas Cards – The Chair had asked for samples from the supplier in Llanrhystud.
Christmas Puddings Appeal 2014 – These will be on sale again this year organised by Rotary Club of Cwmbran Vall be leaving Aberystwyth in Septrting the Stroke Association. The committee will be ordering 24 for sale at £10 later in the year.
AGM report 15 April 2014
Our focus this year was on the sale of Christmas Cards, Christmas Puddings and promoting the Lionel White Scholarship Fund.
Fifty four packs of Christmas Cards were sold generating a profit of £54 for the Rotary Foundation.
At the same time we were able to sell 24 Christmas Puddings with profits going towards Alzheimer’s disease.
Lionel White Scholarship Fund – Towards the end of the year a letter was published in the Cambrian News, inviting suitable applications. At the same time letters were sent to Penglais, Penweddig and Tregaron Schools as well as to the College of Further Education.
Early in the year it looked as though no applicants were coming forward, but two were received shortly after the deadline, which we agreed to accept.
The applicants were Coner Berner and Peter John. They are both going to Ecuador and the Galagapos Islands to assist the local communities with humanitarian projects. It was agreed that they should both be given £500 towards their costs which amounted to £3,398 each.
Because of the lack of response for funding this year members of the committee looked at the possibility of amending the wording of the letters being sent out. It was concluded that there is no need to change the wording at this time. However with the agreement of the Youth Committee it was suggested that in future a joint visit to the schools would be beneficial as it is felt that personal contact with the students would have a greater effect than a letter sent to the head of year.
District Grants – We have not been involved with District Grants for some time. Funds (although limited) are available from District for small local projects for non-profit organisations such as hospitals and schools for the purchase of equipment. Funding is also available for humanitarian or service activities that benefit the underprivileged, vulnerable or underserved people in the community.
It is hoped therefore that members of the committee and fellow Rotarians will bear the possibility of a District Grant in mind, if they become aware of any need for local funding.
Finally Mr President I would like to thank all members of my committee for their advice and support throughout the year.

Committee meeting 25 March 2014
Lionel White Scholarship – In our meeting of 21 January the members were concerned that no Rotary International in fulfilmfor the Scholarship Grant, although we were aware that there might be one in the pipeline.
In the event we received two applications for funding, from Coner Berner and Peter John. Both are going on the same trip to Ecuador and the Galagapos Islands through an organisation called “The Leap”. In total they will be spending 10 weeks away, living with and assisting the local communities with humanitarian projects. The total cost to them is £3,398 each. As they will be starting on their journey on 1 April, which will be before the next Council meeting, the Club agreed to fund both applicants for the sum of £500 each.
At our last meeting we agreed to look at the wording of the letter to the Cambrian News to see if there should be any amendments. Members of the committee were circulated in advance with a copy of the current letter for their consideration.
At the date of the meeting no suggestions had been received and the two members present did not see the need for any amendments. It was suggested however that when the Youth Committee approach the schools next year, for the Young Musician Competition, a member of the Foundation Committee should also go along to promote the Lionel White Scholarship Grant.
A. O. B. – District Grants were discussed briefly. To qualify the recipient would have to be a non profit organisation such as schools and hospitals for the purchase of equipment, with the direct involvement of a Rotarian. Funding is also available for humanitarian or service activities that benefit the underprivileged, vulnerable or underserved people in the community.
It is hoped therefore that members of the committee and fellow Rotarians will bear these criteria in mind if they become aware of any need for local funding.

Committee meeting – 21st January 2014
The sale of Christmas Cards and Christmas Puddings have been completed and all the proceeds have now been received.Lionel White Scholarship – In spite of having sent letters to Penweddig, Penglais and Tregaron Schools, the College of Further Education and had a letter printed in the Cambrian News, it was disappointing to note that not one application had yet been received for funding. Applications have often been received at the last minute, so it was hoped that some interest would be shown in the next 10 days, before the deadline of 31 January.
A discussion then took place on how it may be possible to make the scheme more attractive to applicants and perhaps change the wording of the information letter which is sent out. No conclusions were reached, but the suggestions could be considered at a later date.
A.O.B. – Colin Bancroft suggested that perhaps it was time to expand the remit of the Foundation Committee in view of the fact that we are unlikely to be hosting any scholars in the future. He particularly mentioned Grants available from Rotary. These could be for domestic or overseas projects. Other than agreeing in principle, the method of making the community aware of the possibility of grant aid was not discussed.
Committee meeting 26 November 2013
Xmas Puddings – Allen Carr reported that all Xmas puddings had been sold. There is one payment still outstanding.
Xmas Cards – Haydn Davies reported that 54 packs of Xmas Cards had been sold making a profit of £54. Again there is one payment outstanding.
Lionel White Scholarship – A letter has been printed in the Cambrian News with further letters having been sent to Ysgol Penweddig, Penglais School, Tregaron and College of Further Education inviting applications for this year’s funding. The closing date for applications is 31 January 2014.
However via Past President Hywel Wyn Jones a request for funding has been received to attend the Urdd Gobaith Cymru Patagonia International Volunteering Project. Unfortunately the young lady lives in Machynlleth and we are putting her in touch with Machynlleth Rotary Club to see if they can assist.
A.O.B. – A circular letter had been received from District in connection with fund raising for the Phillippines Disaster. As the Club had already decided on the support to be given it was felt that no further action was required at this time.
Derek Whiting felt strongly that the Club should pay tribute to Melinda Gates for all the contribution she and her husband Bill Gates had made towards the eradication of Polio. This, to be in the form of a photograph, of the Melindwr Valley. There did not appear to be a great deal of enthusiasm for this proposal but p.p. Haydn Davies proposed that a letter of appreciation from the Club might be more appropriate and that this should be discussed at the next Council meeting.

Committee meeting 17th September 2013
Christmas Puddings – Allen Carr reported that an order had been placed for 24 Xmas puddings.

Christmas Cards – Haydn Davies has received samples of 3 different Xmas Cards for us to consider. A board is now being circulated so that Rotarians can order early for christmas.
A.O.B. – A letter had been received from Andrea Tarling requesting assistance towards the cost of an Internship with the Scripture Union. She has just graduated from Aberystwyth and will be helping out at St Michael’s Church on two days a week and the rest of the time in Llandrindod Wells.
As her permanent address is Llandrindod Wells she does not qualify under our scheme. It was agreed that a letter be sent suggesting that she apply to her local club for assistance.
At the Secretary’s request opinion was passed on the two candidates for the District Governor. Nothing was known about Clive Edwards but as nearly all of us on the committee had dealt with Steve Jenkins it was decided to support Steve’s application

Committee meeting 11th June 2013.
Grants – discussion was held on the changes made to Rotary Grants. and the necessity for a representative from the Club to attend the District assembly seminar to qualify to apply for a Grant.
The DISTRICT GRANT will be available for the purchase of equipment for non profit organisations such as schools and hospitals. Most grants are for less than £500 but money is available for larger projects and larger amounts. However, the total for the District is only £14.5K for the year and applications have to be in by 30 June with decisions being made in JulyThe GLOBAL GRANT super-cedes the matching grant. Again total for the District is similar to the District Grant. The Minimum spend has to be $35K with the club providing $10K District $10K and the World Fund $15K
Funding would be considered for projects under the Areas of Focus listed in the Foundation reference guide.
Because of the amounts involved they can be considered for joint applications with another club.
Rotary Scholarships – These take over from Ambassadorial Scholars. Should be within the Area of Focus and their graduate level educational goals should support this career interest. There has to be a minimum of $30K spend which is found from Global Grant + World Fund, with no Club contribution. Applications should be made to their local Rotary Club on line.
We then discussed our programme for the coming year. Our number one objective will once again be the Lionel White Scholarship, which is to provide assistance to any young person up to and including the age of 21 who wish to travel abroad for humanitarian and experience widening purposes. Unless there is an urgent need for funds elsewhere, It is hoped that there will be £1,000 available to distribute this year. A letter will be placed in the Cambrian News and Schools contacted with information about the grant and how to apply.
Christmas puddings – We have decided to sell Xmas Puddings again this year, with proceeds going towards Alzheimer’s Disease. We are limiting the number purchased to 2 dozen and Past President Allen Carr will be taking your orders nearer to Christmas.
Christmas cards – We shall also be selling Xmas Cards with Past President Haydn Davies in charge.
A request was received from District to sell Crocuses towards the Polio Appeal. Because of our other commitments and our previous support for this worthy charity we felt unable to undertake this further commitment at this time.
Finally a request was received from Chloe Sydney for assistance towards the cost of her M.A. studies in London. This does not fall within the area under which we can assist and neither can District. They did however suggest that if in the future she was to undertake a period of field work abroad on Peace and Conflict issues, then, she may qualify for a Peace Fellowship. This information has been sent to Chloe.
AGM report 23 April 2013
Christmas Cards – cards were sold in November to club members and the resulting profit of £71 has been sent on by the Treasurer to Foundation.Lionel white Scholarship – The amount available this year was reduced by half because the sum of £500 was diverted towards The Ceredigion Flood Relief (making the Club’s contribution to the Fund £1,000 )

Scholarships – However, two worthy applications were received in January from local girls who had attended Penweddig School. Rhianna Davies in Medical School in Birmingham was visiting Honduras and Ella Fletcher at Loughborough College was visiting Zambia. Both girls will be engaged with their colleges in undertaking Voluntary work in deprived areas of these countries.
They were presented with a cheque for £350 each at the club lunchtime meeting on the 26 March.
Polio Plus – RIBI are still involved with Bill and Melinda Gates together with The World Health Organisation towards eradicating this crippling disease.
Proceeds from the Wishing Well to end of March amounts to £700 and these funds will again be forwarded to Foundation.May I take this opportunity to thank my fellow Rotarians on the Foundation Committee for their support and wise counsel.


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