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Community and Vocational Committee

The role of the Community and Vocational Service committee is to identify areas of need, either directly or through local charitable organisations, within the community and provide the appropriate service work or financial assistance. Emphasis is given to the ‘Ideals of service’, acknowledging the fact that as a fund raiser and provider of funding, Rotary is merely one of many, but as a provider of service, it is without peer. The committee is responsible for raising the funds it distributes.

Present: Alan Carr, Hywel Wyn Jones, Iori Jones, David McParlin, Richard Morgan, A P Thomas.
The Secretary had requested that a Vice Chairman be appointed at the earliest opportunity.  Iori Jones kindly agreed to take on that task.
Matters arising:
Christmas collection – Hywel Jones reported that application had been made to Ceredigion County Council for a street licence for the following dates: 16th, 19th, 20th and 21st December.  Ceredigion had advised that  Saturday the 17th was not available possibly because of a Christmas market.
An application to Morrisons had been made for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th December.  Iori Jones kindly agreed to lead the arrangements for the Morrisons collection.  Apt has agreed to lead the collection at Bank Square.  Richard Morgan reported that Council had agreed that the Club could invest in a new sound system and this could be addressed in the next financial year.  Query whether M&S/Tesco should be approached on the assumption that they will have opened prior to Christmas.  It was unlikely that any arrangements could be made with the developer. It was mooted that a possible application could be made to Ceredigion County Council for permission to collect in the vicinity of the development should circumstances dictate.
Aberystwyth Visually Impaired Club – Hywel Jones reported that he had insufficient drivers for the 6th and 20th of June.  Arrangements were put in hand to cover these dates.  Hywel Jones agreed to continue to oversee the arrangements.
Keep Wales tidy – Hywel Jones reported that the organization had been advised that Rotary were prepared to assist and that we were now awaiting their approach.  Richard Morgan  agreed to assist as and when future arrangements were required.
Aberystwyth Carnival – Saturday 23rd July 2016.  The take-up by members has been excellent and arrangements will be made in due course for the club to be represented by way of a Rotary stand and marshalling.
Our liaison with the Membership Recruitment and Retention sub committee will ensure that we  have a Rotary presence at  other functions in the community  namely :-
*13th of August 2016 Sea to Shore comprising street market on the promenade, sea anglers’ marquees, cooking *demonstrations on the bandstand.
*September street market being a repeat of last year
*Switching on the Christmas lights at the end of November
*Christmas collection.
Concert – The committee considered the possibility of another concert or twinning following last year’s success with Aberaeron Rotary Club.
Message in a bottle – to be continued
Any other business – Correspondence was discussed with members of the committee and it was resolved that an appropriate reply should be given in each case.

Community and Vocational Committee

Report for the year 2015 -2016
Membership:  Hywel Wyn Jones (Chairman); Alun Rees (Vice-chairman), Allen Carr, Hugh Davies, John H Davies, Martin Davies,
Colin Eagles, Iori Jones.

  1. Christmas Collection, 2015.

The receipts of the collections at Morrisons and Owain Glyn Dŵr Square in December 2015 amounted to £3,300, and the total (including ‘Gift Aid’) was £4,125.
The following disbursements (£450) were made, leaving a net total of £3,675 for distribution to charities :
Annual Rotary Kids-out event  £400
British Heart Foundation (in lieu of payment for Christmas collection CDs)  £50

Donations have been  made as follows to  local charitable organisations:
Hospice at Home (HAHAV)                                          £1,200*
Aberystwyth and District Young Carers                        £600
Blood Bikes Wales                                                             £600
Aberystwyth and District Parkinsons Society              £500
Aberystwyth Silver Band                                                  £100   (towards the Band’s youth activity)
Penparcau Senior Citizens Club                                     £100
Cylch Meithrin Llanfarian (pre-school play group)   £100
_______ £3,200

* The allocation to Hospice at Home (HAHAV) has been supplemented by a Rotary District  Grant of £1,000, making a total donation of  £2,200.

These were presented at a function at the Richmond Hotel on 3rd February, hosted by Rotarian Richard Griffiths.

Donations from the collection will also be made to:
Llwyn yr Eos Out of School Club – £200
Cyngor ar Bopeth/Citizen’s Advice, Ceredigion – £225
Aberystwyth Branch, Arthritis Care – £50

Thanks were expressed:
(i)to all those who had contributed to the success of the collection, and for the generosity of the public;
(ii) to Richard Griffiths for hosting the presentation event, and to Mike Price for taking photographs.

  1. Aberystwyth & District Visually Impaired Club

Arrangements were made to provide transport for members of the Visually Impaired Club to and from their fortnightly meetings at Canolfan Morlan.

           3. ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ beach-cleaning campaign

The Committee has  indicated its readiness to help with the local beach-cleaning campaign; unfortunately the date of this year’s cleaning event at Borth coincided with a Club meeting.

  1. Choral concert at Aberaeron (Friday 24th July)

The  Club, along with the other two Rotary Clubs in Ceredigion, was associated with arrangements for a concert at Aberaeron on 24th July 2015, featuring  Cȏr Meibion Aberystwyth  and  Cȏr Meibion Cwmann, in aid of the Nepal earthquake disaster appeal. The proceeds of the event, totalling £1,830, were presented to Christian Aid Wales towards  the Nepal earthquake appeal.

  1. Message in a Bottle

Following a ‘bottling’ session on 13th October, bottles had been delivered to Age Cymru Ceredigion, and the Ceredigion County Council Social Services.

HWJ  12.4.2016

Report  presented to the Annual General Meeting, 12th April 2016


Clwb Rotary ABERYSTWYTH Rotary Club
Community and Vocational Committee

Report of meeting held on 22nd March 2016

Present:  Hywel Wyn Jones (Chairman); Alun Rees (Vice-chairman), Allen Carr, Hugh Davies, John H Davies, Martin Davies,                                      Colin Eagles, Iori Jones.    [100%]

  1. Minutes
    The minutes of the meeting held on 19th January 2016 were confirmed.


  1. Christmas Collection, 2015 : distribution of proceeds

Donations had been presented to the Club’s designated charities at a function on 3rd February, at the Richmond Hotel.  The committee wished to note its gratitude to Richard Griffiths for hosting the event, and to Mike Price for taking photographs.
Letters/messages of thanks had been received from  several recipient organisations.

The Committee considered the allocation of the remaining £475, and agreed that the total amount should be distributed among local charitable organisations that had approached the Club for support this year.
Allocations were accordingly AGREED as follows:
Llwyn yr Eos Out of School Club [Registered charity no. 1144082]   – £200
Cyngor ar Bopeth/Citizen’s Advice, Ceredigion [Reg. Charity no. 1061839] – £225
Consideration  to be given to awarding the remaining £50 to  the Aberystwyth Branch of Arthritis Care in the light of further information about the Branch’s needs and activities.

Contact would be made with Canolfan y Môr centre for autistic children (Aberaeron) indicating, without prejudice, that they could make a new application for support next year.

  1. Christmas Collection, 2016

Arrangements for advance bookings for collections at Morrisons and Owain Glyn Dŵr Square were in hand. It was understood that a licence could not be obtained for  OGSquare for Saturday 17th December.

  1. Aberystwyth & District Visually Impaired Club

It was understood that the Club would welcome the Rotary Club’s continued support with transport arrangements for the coming months. The Chairman would draw up a rota of volunteers as before.

  1. Keep Wales Tidy’ campaign

The Chairman had contacted  the Ceredigion organiser of the Keep Wales Tidy campaign, and had just been informed (on the day of the meeting) that a Beach-cleaning event was to be held this year on Tuesday, 26th April, at Borth (10.30 am – 3.00 pm).
As there was a Rotary meeting on that date, and given the short notice, it was AGREED to inform the organiser that the Club’s participation in the event could not be arranged, but that any request for support for a future event would be considered, given adequate notice.


[Report  presented to Rotary Club Council, 11th April 2016]


Community and Vocational Committee
Report of meeting held on 19th January 2016
Present: Hywel Wyn Jones (Chairman); Alun Rees (Vice-chairman),
Allen Carr, Hugh Davies, John H Davies, Colin Eagles, Iori Jones

1. Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on 24th November 2015 were confirmed.

2. Correspondence
2.1. Fish and Chip Supper
Consideration was given to the letter (reported to the last meeting) from the Spinal Injuries Association regarding the arrangement of a ‘Fish and Chip Supper’ on Friday 20th May.
It was RECOMMENDED that no action be taken.

2.2 Request for support – Canolfan y Môr
Considered: A request for financial support from ‘Canolfan y Môr’, an Aberaeron-based resource centre for pupils with social and communication difficulties (Autism) which catered for the whole of Ceredigion. Support was sought for the extension of a secure garden/play area.
It was decided that clarification be sought as to the charitable status of the organisation, and that the request be further considered in the light of this.

2.3 Request for support – Llwyn yr Eos Out-of-School Club
Considered: A request, dated 6th December 2015, for financial support for the work of Llwyn yr Eos
Out-of-School Club (a registered charity), which provided after-school and holiday childcare for 3-14 year olds in a deprived area.
It was agreed that further information and advice be sought on the application.
It was also suggested that a preferred recipient of support might be the special needs unit at Llwyn yr Eos, which the Club had supported in the past.

3. Christmas Collection, 2015
The total receipts of the collections at Morrisons and Owain Glyn Dŵr Square amounted to £3,300, and the expected total (including ‘Gift Aid’) was £4,125.
The following disbursements (£450) would be made, leaving a net total of £3,675 for distribution to charities :
Annual Rotary Kids-out event £400
British Heart Foundation (in lieu of payment for Christmas collection CDs) £50
Thanks were expressed to all those who had contributed to the success of the collection, and for the generosity of the public.
It was AGREED that donations be made as follows to the previously-agreed local charitable organisations:
Hospice at Home (HAHAV)                                                                       £1,200
Aberystwyth and District Young Carers                                                   £ 600
Blood Bikes Wales                                                                                         £ 600
Aberystwyth and District Parkinsons Society                                          £ 500
Aberystwyth Silver Band                                                                             £ 100 (towards the Band’s youth activity)
Penparcau Senior Citizens Club                                                                   £ 100
Cylch Meithrin Llanfarian (pre-school play group)                                  £ 100
_______ £3,200

It was provisionally agreed that donations of £100 each might be made to ‘Canolfan y Môr’ and Llwyn-yr-Eos subject to clarification as noted above.
The aim should be to ensure that the full amount of the funds raised should be allocated before the end of the present Rotary year.

Distribution event;
Richard Griffiths had kindly agreed to host the event at the Richmond Hotel again this year, and had proposed Wednesday, 3rd February as a convenient date for the hotel. The treasurer had indicated that he was confident that there was no difficulty in releasing the full amount including the ‘Gift Aid’ element then.
AGREED: to hold the event at the Richmond Hotel on Wednesday 3rd February (lunchtime) and to invite representatives of each of the seven recipient charities. A photo-call and publicity would be arranged (HWJ)

4. Christmas Collection, 2016
Agreed: To proceed with arrangements for Christmas collections in December 2016, at Morrisons and Owain Glyn Dŵr Square, on dates comparable to those of the 2015 collections. It was suggested that hours of collection at Morrisons should extend to 6.0 pm at least on all days (except Sunday).

[Comparable dates would be:
Morrisons – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1 – 4 Dec. + Wednesday 7th Dec.
Owain Glyn Dŵr Square – Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, 17th 19th 20th December ]

5. Aberystwyth & District Visually Impaired Club

Reported: that arrangements had been made for Rotary members to help with transport to/from meetings on alternate Mondays during January –March 2016.

6. Newspaper trolley service -Bronglais

Reported: that Rotary members were continuing to help with this service at Ysbyty Bronglais.

Community and Vocational Committee
Meeting 24th November 2015

The report of the meeting was received and adopted as follows:
Christmas Collections 2015
• Morrisons (December 3,4,5,6,9)
Rota of collectors now full. Excellent response from Club members.
Rota is set out as Word file (Hywel W J would try to enter final rota on Club web page)
Reminder to be sent by e-mail to all members next week (Hywel).
Iori J would have collection boxes ready, and would check if any new labels were required for them.
Cash bags – in hand (Iori)
The ‘A-boards’ had been located –at Gareth’s store. Iori would bring, and check meanwhile if any refurbishment needed.
Laminated information sheets (listing main supported charities) to be prepared –Hywel to prepare a draft; Iori to enquire as to laminating. (Possible help from Phil).
Club banner to be used at Morrisons collection point. Enquiries to be made re. any available publicity material about supported charities (especially Hospice at Home and Blood Bikes). 
• Owain Glyn Dŵr Square 2 (December 19, 21, 22)
Rota of collectors was almost full.
Permit for locating vehicle (& gazebo) on paved area on the ‘Siop y Pethe’ corner had been obtained (subject to providing Council with Rotary’s Public Liability Insurance certificate).
The possibility of allowing discretion for limited short-term parking in the OGD Square parking bay normally restricted to goods vehicles was being pursued (Hywel).
Alun R had contacted Walkers re. use of sound system.
Compilation of a CD of Christmas music by various local schools was in hand by Alun J, and he would be discussing the project with Alan W J and Geraint next week.
Hywel would also explore the possibility of recording assorted suitable music on a single CD.
Hywel to check with the Ceredigion CC that no other gatherings/street collections has been granted approval at OGD Square on the days in question.
It was noted that the arrangements for the collection would be dovetailed with the promotional arrangements for the Club, being drawn up by Sonia and John B.
• Publicity
Hywel had sent letters to Yr Angor, Y Ddolen , and Y Tincer publicising the Christmas collections, and a letter would be sent for publication in next week’s Cambrian News.

Choral concert at Aberaeron (Friday 24th July)
• A cheque for £1830 would be presented on 25th November, at Lampeter, to the representative of Christian Aid Wales, towards the Nepal earthquake appeal. Hywel would attend.

Aberystwyth & District Visually Impaired Club
• Arrangements had been made, with the help of several Rotary volunteers, to provide transport for members of the Aberystwyth and District Visually Impaired Club at their meetings at Morlan on alternate Mondays.
Hywel would enquire whether a similar arrangement would be required in the new year.

Message in a Bottle
• Following a ‘bottling’ session on 13th October, bottles had been delivered to Age Cymru Ceredigion, and the Ceredigion CC Social Services. It appeared that both organisations now had sufficient stocks.

Fish and Chip Supper
• A letter had been received from the Spinal Injuries Association, who are working with Rotary clubs with a view to organising a ‘Fish and Chip Supper’ on Friday 20th May to raise funds to enable spinal cord injured people to rebuild their lives after injury.
It was agreed to consider the letter at the Committee’s next meeting.
Details can be found on the Association’s website:

[ Council noted that with the new Tesco and M&S development due for completion in 2016, we needed to make contact later in the year regarding our 2016 Christmas collections.
Council agreed that a Rotary “sail” be purchased, costing £142.]

Community and Vocational Committee
Report of meeting held on 15th September 2015
Present: Hywel Wyn Jones (Chairman); Alun Rees (Vice-chairman),
Hugh Davies, Martin Davies, Colin Eagles, Iori Jones

1. Christmas Collections
1.1 Morrisons (December 3,4,5,6,9)
Iori Jones had confirmed arrangements with Morrisons management. It was hoped that collectors can be located within the shop, rather than in the outer foyer, but this could not be guaranteed. Members were concerned that there should not be other charity collections made at the store on the same days.
It was proposed that collection times be as follows;
Dec. 3, 5, 9 (Thurs., Sat., Weds.,) : 11.0 a.m -6.0 p.m.
Dec. 4th (Friday) : 11.0 a.m. -7.0 p.m
Dec.6th (Sunday) : 11.0 a.m. – 4.0 p.m.
A collection schedule sheet would be prepared for circulation to members and for inclusion on the Club website before the end of October (HWJ to arrange in consultation with John Bradshaw).
Two persons per shift.
Members who sign up for specific times and later find that they have to withdraw should be asked to find a member to replace them, rather than just delete their names from the schedule.
The club banner had been located and would be available for display. It was also suggested that information about the beneficiaries of the collection should be displayed on a board at the collection point.

1.2 Owain Glyn Dŵr Square (December 19, 21 22)
Arrangements for securing a vehicle, mains supply, applying for a pavement parking permit, and a Health & Safety Risk Assessment were in hand (HWJ).
Also a speaker system (Vaughans – AR is arranging)
A collection schedule sheet would be prepared (times of collection as in previous years).
Some thought was needed as to the use of suitable seasonal music, and the possibility of compiling a CD of appropriate songs/tunes from various collections would be investigated.
Appropriate bilingual signage to draw attention to the collection, highlighting the Rotary club and the main beneficiaries should be arranged. Club Council to be asked to consider.
The possibility of acquiring the use of a gazebo on the square would be investigated; this would have to be suitable for locating on paved surface and be robust enough to withstand the effects of adverse weather conditions. (The Lions Club may be able to assist).

1.3 Beneficiaries – update
It had been already agreed to designate ‘Hospice at Home’ as a major beneficiary. An application had been made for a Rotary District grant for match-funding of up to £1000 for the amount to be donated to this charity.
Other local charities which were agreed in principle as beneficiaries and which could be highlighted at the collection points were:
Young Carers, Blood Bikes, Aberystwyth Parkinsons Society
(AR to follow up contact with Blood Bikes; HWJ to contact Parkinsons)
Some publicity posters/leaflets relating to these would be sought, for display.

Other recipients of support, which had been agreed at the last meeting, would be Penparcau Senior Citizens Club, Cylch Meithrin Llanfarian and the Aberystwyth Silver Band.

1.4 Rotary stickers
A check would be made on the available stock of stickers. It was felt that most contributors were unconcerned whether received a sticker, and many declined, so it was suggested that stickers be offered only to children this year.

2. Choral concert at Aberaeron (Friday 24th July)
Reported: that the concert had raised a net sum of £1830 towards the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

3. Ceredigion Association for the Blind
Although HWJ had been unable to contact Maldwyn James, a letter had been received from the Association outlining the Society’s request for help with transport for 6-7 members of the Aberystwyth & District Visually Impaired Club to get to meetings at Morlan on specified dates.
It was agreed to prepare a grid for circulation at forthcoming meetings to secure volunteers to help with this, (HWJ to respond etc.)

4. Message in a Bottle
Agreed : to hold a session, with the help of all available Club members, to assemble the bottles after the lunchtime meeting on Tuesday, 13th October.

This report was presented to Club Council, Monday 28th September 2015

HWJ 16.9.2015



Community and Vocational Committee

 9th June 2015
The task of this meeting was to draw up the Committee’s plans for the year, and the following issues were considered:
1. Christmas collections 2015
.1 Owain Glyndwr Square
– Saturday 19th December, Monday/Tuesday 21/22 December
The local authority permit had been obtained.
Further necessary action was:
.1  Securing a parking permit for a vehicle on the pavement, and if possible permission to park one vehicle in the restricted parking area  on Owain Glyndwr Square (via Ceredigion Parking officer)
.2  Vehicle for transporting signage and for use during the collection days (request to Phil Evans)
.3  Speaker system (via Vaughans, Eastgate)
.4  Mains power supply (via T J Davies, Jewellers)
.5  Computer template of collection schedule (discuss with John Bradshaw).

.2 Morrisons
DmcP confirmed that dates for a collection in Morrisons had been agreed, and he would forward confirmation to the chairman. It had been previously agreed by the committee to limit this year’s in-store collection to Morrisons only.
Noting that collectors for the recent Rotary collection at the store had been asked to relocate to the shop’s outer foyer, it was hoped that collectors in December could be allowed to use the usual location inside the exit, on the understanding that both collectors should stand  together on one side of the exit.

The effectiveness and condition of the ‘trestle’ boards used at the collections was raised; members felt that there was a need to invest in improved signage. The question of cover (shelter) for use at the outdoor collection was raised, although the use a gazebo was not considered practicable in bad/windy weather. It was proposed that these matters be raised at the Club Council. The Club’s ‘banner’ would be an asset in the Morrisons collection, and it was regrettable that this item appeared to have been mislaid or lost.

The collection schedule would be circulated to Club members from mid-October. All proceeds of the collections would be distributed to local charities, and the committee would  consider the question of beneficiaries at its next meeting , in the light of requests and proposals received.

2.  Message in a bottle
DMcP reminded the committee that this was an ongoing commitment, and that a stock of bottles/labels remained for processing. A session would be arranged after a lunchtime club meeting in the autumn in order to make progress with this task; this would be considered at the next committee meeting in September..

3.  Beach cleaning
The Club had in the past supported the initiatives of the local Beach Tidy programme. However, the request this year had come too late to enable the Club to recruit volunteers for the appointed date, at Borth beach. It was agreed to indicate to the Ceredigion organiser, Richard Thomas, that we would be happy to support the initiative in 2016, on the understanding that notice was given in good time, and it was also agreed to  suggest that the next exercise (which had been in Borth /Ynyslas in recent years) be held on one of the Aberystwyth beaches or the river bank.

4. Choral concert in aid of Nepal Earthquake Appeal                                                                                                                                                     HWJ referred to the intention to stage a joint choral concert at Aberaeron, on Friday 24th July, in aid of  Nepal, and a suggestion that  the three Rotary clubs in Ceredigion   participate in the arrangement. Lampeter Rotary had already committed to be involved, and it was hoped that  Clwb Rotary Aberaeron would also give support. Whilst noting that this was an international appeal, HWJ asked this committee to consider being involved as the International Committee was already fully engaged with the Pig Roast event on 26th July. The Club’s support and involvement in the arrangement was agreed in principle, and HWJ would represent the Club at the forthcoming meeting of organisations involved, and would report back to the Club Assembly.
HWJ  21.6.2015

Community and Vocational Committee
Report of meeting held on 14th July 2015                                                                                                                                                                                          Present: Hywel Wyn  Jones (Chairman); Alun Rees (Vice-chairman), Allen Carr, Marin Davies, Colin Eagles, Iori Jones
1. Christmas Collections
Iori Jones offered to  be the responsible officer for the Morrisons store collection
[ December 3,4,5,6,9]; this offer was gratefully received.
HWJ agreed to co-ordinate arrangements for the Owain Glyn Dwr Square collection (Dec. 19, 21,22)
Other Committee members would contribute as required to the monitoring arrangements, which essentially involved being present at the start and finish of each collection day schedule.
Alun Rees agreed to contact Vaughans regarding use of a speaker system (OGD Square).
HWJ will contact :
John Davies (T J Davies Jewellers) re. mains power supply,
Phil Evans  re.  vehicle,
Ceredigion re. parking permits,
John Bradshaw (re. template of collection schedule)

A Health & Safety Risk assessment would have to be completed/signed; HWJ would follow this up.

The Committee wished to raise with Club Council the need for  more attractive and ‘professional’ display boards, as the existing trestle (‘A’ )boards were ineffective and in need of improvement. Every effort should be made also  to find the Club banner which was reported as lost or mislaid, as this was an important visual backdrop to the collection point at the store collection.

The  question of beneficiaries for the collection was discussed. Members were agreed that there should, as usual, be two or three named ‘major beneficiaries’, and that Hospice at Home should be one of these this year.
Requests were received from Penparcau Senior Citizens Club, Cylch Meithrin Llanfarian and the Aberystwyth Silver Band; these were supported in principle, on the basis that any decision on the level of support would be made in the light of the total proceeds of the collection.
‘Young Carers’ was noted as a charity deserving of continued support.

2. Message in a Bottle                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Club members would be asked to help with this task on a suitable date in the autumn (to be set at the next Committee meeting).

3. Beach cleaning                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The organisers would be informed of the Club’s willingness to participate, as indicated at the last meeting.

4. Choral concert at Aberaeron (Friday 24th July)                                                                                                                                                       Arrangements were in hand, including publicity and sale of tickets. Alun Rees and Martin Davies agreed to help as stewards at the entry points.
The District  Assistant Governor had highlighted this event as a welcome example of co-operation between the three Rotary clubs in Ceredigion.

5. ‘Llais Aberystwyth’ – request for donation                                                                                                                                                                          An approach had been made from a newly formed organisation called’ Llais Aberystwyth’ for a donation of £50. The organisation’s aim was to “build a network of people… to share opinions on the town’s political issues, and …a stage to give their suggestions on how to improve the town”.
Recommended:  that the Club could not support the request as (i) no funds were available and          (ii) insufficient information was available as to the exact nature of the group’s work, bearing in mind the non-political status of Rotary.

6. Ceredigion Association for the Blind                                                                                                                                                                                       An approach had been made by Maldwyn James, Ceredigion Association for the Blind,  regarding  possible support for car transport for blind persons. The Committee felt that the Club should support this in principle, and that members should be asked to indicate their willingness to serve as volunteers, when further details of the request were known.

The above reports were presented to the Club Council on 27th July 2015

Committee Meeting 30 March 2015

1, CHRISTMAS COLLECTION                                                                                                                                                                                             Presentation Event                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A very successful event had been held on 4 March in the Richmond Hotel to present the cheques to the charities supported by the Christmas Collection this year. Warm thanks were given to Richard Griffiths for hosting the event once again this year.

1.2 British Heart Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                                                 DMcP reported that little progress had been made with Ceredigion CC over the suggestion to site a defibrillator on the Bandstand on Aber Promenade, despite initial enthusiasm from County officers. In the meantime BHF had approached the Chair asking for support towards two defibrillators already approved at Llanafan and Ystrad Meurig, where there were funding shortfalls..

AGREED:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1. that, if no response was received from Ceredigion by the next Club Council meeting to recommend that the £400 retained from the Christmas Collection should be given to BHF in support developments in the local area.                                                                                                                                 2. that, should Ceredigion respond favourably in due course, next year’s Community and Vocational Committee should consider whether to support a defibrillator on the Bandstand out of the 2015 Christmas Collection.

2. REGIONAL ROTARY RIDE                                                                                                                                                                                                  Details had been received of a Rotary Charity Bicycle Ride in support of Prostate Cancer research, organised by the Cwmbran Rotary Club. There was little enthusiasm for organising local participation in the event.

AGREED to raise the matter at Club Council in case there were individuals there who wished to participate.

Committee Meeting 20 January 2015
1. Christmas Collection 2014 – A total of £2861 had been collected by Rotarians at the 2014 Christmas Collection, giving a total of £3576.25 including Grant Aid for distribution to charities this year. In addition, some £100 was expected to become available from the Pantomime Raffle.
Warm thanks were expressed to all Rotary members who had given up their time so willingly.
The total sum was less than last year, predominantly because of poor collections in CK’s and on the final day at Glyndwr Square, where adverse weather in the afternoon had affected people’s willingness to contribute.
AGREED: that donations be made as follows:
Macmillans                            £800
Ceredigion Young Carers     £800
British Heart Foundation      £800 (see note below)
Kids Out                                 £500
Aber Hospice at Home          £250 plus proceeds of Pantomime Raffle
Age UK Over 60s MOT         £250
Aberystwyth Stroke Club      £100
Llwyn yr Eos After School     £75
TOTAL                                  £3575
Of the BHF donation, it was AGREED that Club should make an immediate interim payment of £400 to BHF, pending further consideration of the practicality of purchasing a defibrillator from BHF at a cost of £400 for an appropriate location, possibly on or near the prom or Bow Street.
2. Christmas Collection 2015 – Members looked at the pattern of collections for 2015, building on this year’s experience. It was agreed that the early December dates for Morrisons had worked well, with some £1570 collected there over the four days. CK’s the following week had been especially poor, with only £118 for the whole day.  Glyndwr Square at £1173 was some £360 below 2013’s total.
AGREED: to recommend the following for 2015:
Thursday         3 December
Friday              4 December
Saturday          5 December
Sunday            6 December
Wednesday      9 December (or other such day as Morrisons is free);
Glyndwr Square;  (subject to local authority approval)
Saturday          19 December,
Monday           21 December
Tuesday           22 December

Committee meeting 25 November 2014
Message in a Bottle (Actum 3) – DMcP reported that since the last meeting nine boxes (216 units) of the Message in a Bottle had been delivered to Age UK, to be shared between their offices in Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter. More than 500 units had therefore been packed and distributed to agencies this year.
Vocational Champion (Actum7) – No further response had been received from the District Chair on what she had in mind for this role.
Christmas Collection – The Committee considered a list of charities supported last year and requests for support from local charities this year.As Aberystwyth Hospice at Home had yet to be formally established, it would be inappropriate at this stage to cite them as one of our Headline Charities.for this year’s collection as a result, the Headline Charities for this year should be Macmillan, Ceredigion Young Carers and British Heart Foundation We should confirm the local charities for support once we had established the amount collected.
Arrangements for the Christmas Collection – DMcP had had a very useful briefing meeting with Garfield on the arrangements for this year’s exercise. The Committee ran through the check list of jobs and identified key personnel to set up the stand and collect the money each day. The collection rota was now well advanced and would appear on the Club website as a reminder to individual members, thanks to an initiative by John Bradshaw.

Committee meeting 16th September 2014
Christmas Collection – John Bradshaw had prepared a template of the Christmas Collection schedule, which would appear on the Club website once members had volunteered their time-slots.
AR and DMcP were in the process of finalising the parking licence for Owain Glyndwr Sqare.
Penparcau Retirement Club – DW reported on the very enjoyable event he had attended at the Penparcau Retirement Club in recognition of the support we had offered them after last Christmas’s collection. He had been able to give out almost 50 of the ‘Message in a Bottle’ packages which members had prepared earlier.
Message in a Bottle – DMcP agreed to contact Gareth Williams about the ‘Message in a Bottle’ boxes stored in his outbuildings, with a view to organising a concerted effort to package up the material, on a date to be agreed with Club Council. It was agreed to ask AR to remind members of the contact point in Social Services and the destination of the completed packages.
Request for Individual Support – A request had been received from a local health visitor for help towards travelling and accommodation costs for parents accompanying a youngster undergoing lengthy treatment at Heath Hospital in Cardiff. DMcP had written to confirm that we had no money available until after the 2014 Christmas Collection and that our priority was normally to support local charities and organisations, not individual hardship cases.
Rotary Australia World Community Service Project – A request had been received to participate in a project supporting Umoja Orphanage in Kenya. AGREED: that it was no appropriate for the Community and Vocational Committee, given our emphasis on local charities.
Children in Need – RIBI Community Service Chair had drawn attention to the possibility of linking local fundraising activities with Children in Need and providing contact details for resource packs. AGREED: that the Committee should focus its activities on the Christmas Collection at that time, in support of local charities.
Vocational Champions – Liz Davies, Vocational District Chair, had requested details of the Club’s ‘Vocational Champion’ and information on projects and skills in this area. McP was asked to obtain examples from her as to the what she had in mind so that we could respond appropriately.

Committee meeting 15 July 2014
Christmas Collection 2014 – DMcP reported that Ceredigion CC had confirmed the dates for Owain Glyndwr Square, while AR had confirmed with both Morrison’s and CK’s had been reserved by them. AR would arrange for the parking permit for Owain Glyndwr Square to be passed on.
Penparcau Retirement Club – DW would represent Rotary at the Penparcau Retirement Club party on 22 July in acknowledgement of the support we had given them following last year’s Christmas collection.
Message in a Bottle – There was a need for a final push on the Message in a Bottle exercise. Some 800 bottles were with various C and V members from last year. Agreed to raise this at a weekly meeting, seeking support from all members to complete the packing up.
ManVan – The ‘ManVan’ initiative organised by Tenovus had been very successful at quite short notice in June. A second visit had been scheduled for November and Rotary had been asked to participate in publicity for the event. DW suggested that the ManVan organiser might be invited as speaker to one of the Rotary lunches. Agreed to forward the link person’s name to Richard Griffiths who was responsible for setting the speaker schedule.

AGM report 15 April 2014
Christmas Collection – The people of Aberystwyth and District again responded very generously to our presence at the supermarkets and on Owain Glyndwr Square. Including the £1000 carried over from last year we have been able to distribute over £5000 to the following:- Marie Curie £1000, MIND £1000, Ceredigion Young Carers £1000, Talking Newspaper £500, Radio Bronglais £250, Cruse £200, Ysgol Llwyn yr Eos £250, Penparcau Senior Citizens £100, Aberystwyth Silver Band £100, Headway £100, DASH £100, Aber Rainbows Unit £50. The amount allocated to KIDS OUT has been increased to £500. Most of the money was distributed at an event in February at the Richmond Hotel and our thanks go again to Richard G for his kindness and generosity in hosting this event.
Thanks also to Iori J for his hard work in making all the arrangements for the collection and to all Rotarians who responded so readily in filling the time slots available.
Message In a Bottle – Almost 200 bottles were prepared and delivered to the local Social Services Department for distribution to their clients. It is estimated that approximately 1000 bottles are still held in stock. It is proposed to approach the local Carers organisations to see whether they would have any use for these and also the local Social Services Department again. Tywyn Rotary Club had expressed a tentative interest in the scheme and we are trying to establish contact.
Mens Health Initiative – This is one project that we failed to move forward as, despite several meetings and much correspondence no agreement could be reached as to the best way to involve the Club. Eventually we were advised by the group of nurses at Bronglais who had made the initial approach that they no longer wished to proceed.
Aberystwyth Springclean Event – This is arranged by Keep Wales Tidy and takes the form of a day spent litter picking usually in May. We are awaiting details.
There are two other projects which we are investigating namely Heartstart and Manvan and we will keep the Club informed as soon as details are to hand.
I would like to thank the members of my committee for their help and cooperation.

Committee meeting 25 March 2014
Xmas Collection – The list of recipients of the Xmas collection was reviewed. A response had at last been received from Radio Bronglais and the presentation of their cheque for £250 was arranged for the following Club meeting. A donation of £250 to Ysgol Llwyn yr Eos was proposed and it was agreed to keep the remaining balance of £191 to meet any possible late requests.
Mens’ Health Initiative – Despite sterling efforts by Rotarian Garfield to establish a framework for a successful event a suitable response was not forthcoming and it was with an element of relief that we had received notice from Bronglais that they no longer wished to proceed with the project.
Message in a Bottle – it was felt that further impetus should be given to this project with a view to try and distribute the remaining stock of bottles. Various options were discussed and it was felt that further contact should be made with the Social Services department of the local authority and also some of the local Carers’ Organisations. The Chairman undertook to do this.
Aberystwyth Springclean Environment Event – This event had taken place in May last year and it was assumed that this would be repeated. The committee will keep the Club informed.
Heartstart – The Chairman had recently attended a lunch organised by the local committee of the British Heart Foundation where the organisers had appealed to local organisations
to possibly facilitate events where elementary CPR training could be given. The Club had been involved in similar events many years ago and the Chairman agreed to contact the local representative of the BHF to obtain more details.
Tenovus Cancer Charity – Rotarian Roy brought to the committee’s attention a project that was being initiated by the above charity in conjunction with Prostate Cancer UK whereby a so called ManVan was visiting various towns in Wales to offer support to men living with prostate or testicular cancer.It was agreed to make further enquiries to ascertain whether the Club could become involved in some way to assist this project especially as the Mens’ Health Initiative had collapsed.

Committee meeting – 21st January 2014
Christmas Collection – It was agreed that this had been a success. Hon. Treasurer had advised that the total available for distribution would be £5341; this total included Gift Aid of £823 and a carry-over of £1000 from the previous year’s collection being the amount allocated but not donated to the Beacon of Hope.
The three main recipients had previously been identified, namely MIND, Ceredigion Young Carers, and Marie Curie who are to receive £1000 each. After representations from Hon. Treasurer, the amount set aside for Kids Out was to be increased from £400 to £500 leaving a balance of £1841 available for distribution. After discussion, the following recipients were suggested, for ratification by the Club:-
Talking Newspaper £500
Cruse £200
Penparcau Senior Citizens £100
Headway £100
Aberystwyth Silver Band £100
Rainbow Trust £50
Radio Bronglais was also a possibility and Alun was instructed to make further enquiries. If these proved satisfactory, £250 would be allocated.
If the above is agreed by the Club, a balance of £541 remains to meet any further requests that may materialise.
The dates for this year’s collection were suggested as follows and provisional reservations had been made:

CKs- December 11th.
Owain Glyndwr Square- December 20, 22, 23rd unless the Club feels that this is too near Christmas when 18, 19, 20th could be an alternative. Men’s Health Initiative – There was still some unease being felt about this project and it was suggested that a delegation from Bronglais Hospital be invited to meet with the committee to try and resolve final arrangements
Committee meeting 26 November 2013
Xmas Collections – It was gratifying to note that all slots for the Morrisons collection were now filled. The rota was being posted on our website. The rota for the other two venues had been circulated at the preceding Club meeting.
Bronglais Paper Round – All those who had volunteered were in the process of being vetted by the RVS and would be available for service in the near future.
Mens’ Health Initiative. – There is nothing new to report on this project as we are still awaiting further information from the health professionals involved.
Message in a Bottle – It was agreed to give this project a further impetus and it is hoped to arrange another session of preparation so that a further supply can be made available to interested parties.
Ceredigion Emergency Response – Garfield was in contact with a member of CAVO (Ceredigion Association of Volunteer Organisations) who were in the process of establishing a register of volunteers who would be prepared to assist in an emergency or to engage in practical volunteer services. A presentation had been made to the Club previously but it was felt that this had been ineffective. It was agreed therefore that a further presentation would be made to the Committee in the New Year so that it could decide whether to recommend to Club to pursue the matter further.

Committee meeting 17th September2013
Christmas Collection – As previously reported all arrangements are in hand.
Mens’ Health Initiative. – I had attended a meeting at Bronglais Hospital on August 13th to discuss this project. It was agreed that the Club would assist in the promotion and publicity for this event but that a lot more detail was required before we could make a presentation to the Club. Subsequently, Rotarian Garfield and myself have had a further meeting with the nurses involved and have asked them to come forward with specific ideas for the staging of the event which has been pencilled in for Wednesday March 19th.When these details are received we will inform the club.
Bronglais Newspaper Rota. – Five Rotarians and 2 partners have now volunteered and arrangements are being made with a representative of the RVS to facilitate CRB checks.
Message in a Bottle. – It was agreed that this project required some more effort to try and use up the remaining stock of bottles.After the meeting I received a call from Ceredigion Councils’Social Services department asking for a further supply of bottles as they were very much in demand . We would like therefore to arrange another preparation session when it is convenient for Rotarians

Committee meeting 11th June 2013
Age Cymru Ceredigion – One of our more productive and appreciated projects over the last few years has been with Age Concern, now renamed Age Cymru Ceredigion. You will recall that we have provided drivers for their monthly Lunch Clubs and also for their shopping service. However due to some internal reorganisation brought about we believe by some issues of funding, they no longer employ a person to coordinate transport to the lunch clubs and their clients have to make their own arrangements. Therefore our services are no longer required in this particular aspect but we intend to keep our connection with them in the hope that we will be able to help with some other aspect of their work.
Message in a Bottle – This project has continued for a number of years and we have distributed a large number of units. We do however have several hundred remaining and we intend giving the scheme some added impetus by refreshing the original contacts made with doctors’ surgeries etc. We will be asking for volunteers to assemble more bottles in due course.
Community Emergency Service – This was formerly known as The Resilience Project. CAVO are in the process of launching a database and we will keep you informed of developments.
Environment Project – We intend keeping our contact with Keep Wales Tidy and will be asking for volunteers in due course for another litter picking day.
Vocational Visit – We intend arranging another vocational visit as the ones we have had in the past have been most enjoyable and informative. There are already one or two ideas floating about and once we have more details we will circulate the club to gauge the level of support.
Christmas Collections – Last but certainly not least. We have a tried and tested formula for these now and given favourable weather we are confident that this will be as successful as in the past. We will give you all the necessary details nearer the date.
We will be relying on the good offices of PP Richard Griffiths to provide the venue for the presentation evening which is usually held in February.
AGM report April 2013
The committee is pleased to report an active and successful year with all projects proposed at club assembly having been moved forward.
Age Cymru – Throughout the year we continued to provide transport for clients of Age Cymru Ceredigion’s lunch club. Unfortunately that service has now been suspended by Age Cymru Ceredigion and we only hope it will be reinstated later in the year with their appointment of st year we have been able to distional Visit – this year we visited the Land Rover Factory on the 31 October 2012 was a very informative and enjoyable event.
Christmas Collections – we raised over £4000 and charities supported this year included the Wales Air Ambulance £1000, Age Cymru Ceredigion £1000, Children’s Special Unit at Llwyn yr Eos School £100, Cruse Bereavement Care £100, British Heart Foundation £100, Riding for the Disabled £100, Kids Out £400 Ceredigion Association for the Blind £100, Salvation Army £100. The cheque presentations were made at the Richmond Hotel and we are grateful to Past President Richard Griffiths for providing refreshments and allowing us to use his hostelry.
Message in a Bottle – the project continued and has been refreshed by reminders to surgeries and pharmacies. That work is ongoing and may need the assembly of further bottles in the next few weeks. The Web is being updated with information on the project to enable easier reference to it by users and medical professionals.
Resilience Project – this is to be renamed Community Emergency Service (CES) from 1st July 2013 has moved to a report on a way forward. Very much in common with last year however it has been constrained by lack of progress nationally and at government level. There will be the launch of a database by CAVO in the next few weeks providing the ideal opportunity for consideration of the report and the suitability of the CAVO proposal to our aims.
Environment Project – is to be held on Thursday 16th May 2013 in conjunction with Keep Wales Tidy’s Coastal Clean-up day. The board is being circulated tonight, and it is hoped that a healthy number of Rotarians will turn out to support the local Keep Wales Tidy groups on Aberystwyth and Borth beaches.In conclusion, thank you to the members of the Committee for all their hard work during the year.


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