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Community and Vocational Committee

The role of the Community and Vocational Service committee is to identify areas of need, either directly or through local charitable organisations within the community and provide  appropriate service work or financial assistance.  The committee is responsible for raising the funds it distributes.

Colin Fletcher

Colin Fletcher

2017/2018 committee members
Colin Fletcher (Chair), Alun P Thomas (IPC), Hywel Wyn Jones, Colin Bancroft, Phil Evans, Lisa Francis, John Harries, Meurig Lewis, Mike Price.






Committee meeting 12 September 2017

Present: Colin Fletcher (Chair), Colin Bancroft, John Harries, Hywel Wyn Jones, Meurig Lewis, Mike Price, Alun Thomas. Apologies for absence were received from Lisa Francis.
1. Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 18 July 2017 were approved.

2. Visually Impaired Club.

The provision of lifts had started on 4 September and sufficient volunteers were in place until December.

2 Christmas Collection 2017
A “sign – up” board had been circulated for the first collection date on Friday, 6 October in Morrison’s. Posters with the Rotary Logo and Club web address on a blue background were being prepared for use with the Club’s A Frames.
Collections were also planned for Saturday 2 December (Christmas Lights and Lantern Parade), Friday, 8 December at Tesco (when it was hoped Cor Meibion Aberystwyth would be available to sing), and on Friday, 15 December at Morrisons.
We discussed when and where to collect in the Town Centre during the period 18 to 23 December (for which the Club has a licence). Included in this discussion was the possibility of collecting on Thursday 14 and Saturday 16 December as another option, but a subsequent ‘phone call to the Licencing Officer has revealed that these two dates have already been taken. The most likely outcome is that we will limit ourselves to a maximum of 4 days split between the Rheidol Retail Park and Owain Glyndwr Square. Once we have finalised the Collection dates for Owain Glyndwr Square an application will be made for a parking waiver (to park a vehicle on the pavement). Phil Evans has kindly agreed to provide the Club with a van as in previous years and Mike Price is looking into how we can play a greater range of music (a combination of Christmassy and Traditional tracks in both languages) through the use of a USB Drive. We have tried this previously but differing volume levels have been a problem. We may have to play whole CDs if we can transfer them to a USB Drive.

We considered requests for funding from local charities together with suggestions from Committee members and a list of Charities supported during the previous five years. While we hope to raise sufficient funds to support a number of local charities, the following four main Charities are proposed for inclusion in our A Frame publicity material:
• DASH – Disabilities and Self Help. The Charity provides leisure schemes and short breaks for local disabled children, young people, their parents and carers.
• MIND – The mental health charity locally based in Aberystwyth.
• HAHAV – Hospice at Home Aberystwyth Volunteering. Provides a Volunteer Service to the local community of North Ceredigion (Aberystwyth, Tregaron, Lampeter and Aberaeron)
• Aberystwyth Alzheimers Group. Provides fortnightly Activity and Support Groups run by a facilitator for those affected by Alzheimers in North Ceredigion.
3 Stewarding/Marshalling at Local Events
Many thanks to all members of the Club for their support as Stewards or Marshalls at the Aberystwyth Carnival and Sea2Shore events. The next event will be the Christmas Lights and Lantern Parade on Saturday, 2 December for which the Club has traditionally provided Stewards.
4 Dementia Friendly Communities
Arising out of an initiative from DG Maggie Hughes, Chris Stokes of the Alzheimer’s Society will be speaking to the Club at its meeting on 17 October. Hywel Jones (Chair of the local Alzheimer’s Society has been invited to this meeting as Colin Fletcher’s Guest.

Date of Next Meeting
Due to the absence of Colin Fletcher as Chair on the next scheduled meeting of the Committee, members kindly agreed to meet at 12.00 noon on Tuesday, 7 November 2017.



Committee meeting 18 July 2017

Present: Colin Fletcher (Chair), Lisa Francis, John Harries, Hywel Wyn Jones, Meurig Lewis, Mike Price, Alun Thomas.
1. Date of Meeting
The meeting had been delayed by a week due to the absence on holiday of Colin Fletcher as Chair. Colin thanked the members of the Committee for their agreement to the change of date and for their attendance today.

2. Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 6 June 2017 were approved.

3. Visually Impaired Club.
It was agreed to ask for volunteer drivers to assist Hywel Wyn Jones in providing lifts for members of the Visually Impaired Group to attend their fortnightly meetings at the Morlan Centre. The dates (all Mondays) for the period to December are as follows:
September 4, 18
October 2, 16
November 6, 20
December 11

2 Christmas Collection 2017
We now have three “Supermarket” Collection days – Friday 6th October (Morrisons), Friday 8 December (Tesco) and Friday 15 December (Morrisons). The approval to collect at Tesco includes both the upper floor area outside the entrance to the store and the downstairs Foyer. Last year, Cor Meibion Aberystwyth sang on one of the Collection days and Hywel Wyn Jones has kindly agreed to look into the possibility of the Choir singing again this year (possibly on the upper floor at Tesco). Phil Evans has kindly agreed to provide the Club with the use of a van for the Christmas Collections. We understand that newly purchased A Frames will be available for us to use to display publicity material pertaining to the main charities for which we will be collecting.
We have a licence to collect in the Town Centre from the 18th to the 23rd December (Monday to Saturday) and are considering how best to use the available days. Shorter collection days (say from 11.00 to 3.00 have been suggested and we are also looking into the possibility of using one or more of the days to collect by Argos/Lidl/Iceland as this area is covered by the licence. Colin Fletcher and John Harries will look into this possibility in consultation with the Managers of the stores operating on the Alexandra Road site. Any unused days must be returned to Ceredigion County Council and made available to other Charities.
Suggestions from members of the Committee for possible Charities to benefit from the Christmas Collection were gratefully received. One other request has been received and another may be in the pipeline. Because our first Collection date (at Morrisons) is in early October we hope to finalise the four main Charities that will feature on our publicity material at our meeting on 12 September. £400 of the money raised is usually set aside to support Kids Out and we have to hand a schedule of moneys paid to local Charities during the past five years.
3 Stewarding/Marshalling at Local Events
Boards have gone round (or are in the process of going round) seeking Stewards and/or Marshalls for the Aberystwyth Carnival on Saturday 29th July and the Sea2 Shore Event on Sunday 13th August. The Club will have Meet and Greet stands at both events at which it is hoped to engage with prospective new members. A request for Marshalling assistance has also been received from the organisers of the Gwyl Hen Linell Bell/Far Old Line Festival which runs from 21 July to 5 August.
4. Community Service Activities
The following Community Service Activities will continue this year
1. Bronglais Hospital Paper Round (5 Rotarians currently involved as volunteers)
2. Aberystwyth Visually Impaired Club (Rotarians provide lifts to and from meetings)
3. Keep Wales Tidy.
Additional volunteers for the Bronglais Hospital Paper Round or to act as drivers for the Aberystwyth Visually impaired Club are always welcome.
5. Christmas Lights Switch On and Lantern Parade
A Licence to collect on the Street in the Town Centre on Saturday, 2 December, the day of the Christmas Lights Switch on and Lantern Parade, has been received.
Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Committee meeting 6 June 2017

Present: Colin Fletcher (Chair), Phil Evans, John Harries, Hywel Wyn Jones, Mike Price, Alun Thomas.
Welcome: Colin Fletcher, as Chair, welcomed everybody to the first meeting of the new Committee which, it was hoped, would continue the good work of last year’s Committee Chaired by Alun Thomas.
Condolences: The Committee expressed its sincere condolences to Lisa Francis on the recent death of her father.
Matters Arising:
1. Visually Impaired Club.
Hywel Wyn Jones kindly agreed to continue to act as co-ordinator for the lifts provided by Rotarians to members of the Visually Impaired Club to enable them to attend their fortnightly meetings at the Morlan Centre. An appeal would be made for additional drivers to assist Hywel in this task.
2 Christmas Collection 2017
Alun had booked dates with Ceredigion County Council and a Licence to collect at Owain Glyndwr Square obtained from the 18th to the 23rd December (Monday to Saturday inclusive). Iori Jones had been in touch with Morrisons and they had indicated once more that they were only agreeable to one day per charity. In the circumstances Iori had booked Friday 15th December. An approach had been made to Tesco without response to date.
It was agreed to approach Tesco again and make enquiries of Marks and Spencer. It was noted that the licence to collect covered a wide area of the town centre including the retail park near the railway station and Park Avenue beyond Marks and Spencer/Tesco. The walkway through to the Tesco’s Car Park would be a good venue being under cover and benefitting from a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic but it was unclear who owned that section of the building (Tesco, M & S or Chelverton) in terms of giving the necessary permission. It was hoped that this could be clarified during approaches made to Tesco and M&S. John Harries kindly agreed to assist Colin Fletcher with the approaches to be made to these stores and Morrisons.
Last year Cor Meibion Aberystwyth sang on one of the collection days on Owain Glyndwr Square. Hywel Wyn Jones kindly agreed to look into the possibility of the Choir singing again this year. Phil Evans kindly agreed to provide the Club with the use of a van for the Christmas Collections.
3 Aber Cycle Fest
The Committee wished to record its thanks to the Rotarians and Rotaractors who had acted as Marshalls at the recent Cycle Fest. The organisers of the Cycle Fest had previously donated £500 to the Charities Account of the Club for distribution to local Charities.
Request for Financial Support
A request for financial support had been received from Tir Coed, a woodland charity based mainly in Ceredigion offering training courses and activities for harder to reach individuals and groups in the local area. They have a website The request will be considered when deciding the range of local Charities to benefit from this year’s Christmas collection.
Community Service Activities
It is proposed that the following Community Service Activities be continued.
1. Bronglais Hospital Paper Round (5 Rotarians currently involved as volunteers)
2. Aberystwyth Visually Impaired Club (Rotarians provide lifts to and from meetings)
3. Keep Wales Tidy.
Stewarding/Marshalling at local events
The Committee will continue to liaise with Richard Griffiths on the provision of Stewards or Marshalls at local events such as the Aberystwyth Carnival and the Christmas Lights and Lantern Parade.
Date of Next Meeting
If the Club followed the same pattern as last year, Colin Fletcher would be unable to attend a meeting on Tuesday 11 July. In that event, the Committee would meet at 12.00 noon the following Tuesday, 18 July.


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