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Club Service committee

The role of the Club Service committee is to manage  membership development and retention, communication amongst members and with  District and other clubs, arrange the club programme of speakers, sporting events and  visits, and Rotaract development. Chaired by the Senior Vice President.

Minutes of the Club Service Committee, 12th July. 2016
Present:- Martin Davies (chair), Robin Varley, John Harries, Richard Griffiths, John Bradshaw, Sonia Dobson, Hywel Davies, Bob Hughes-Jones and President Derrick Whiting in attendance.
Apologies:- Colin Eagles
Minutes of the meeting held on the 24th May were approved. It was noted that the September Farmers Market was incorrectly stated as being on the same week-end as the Fresher’s fair.
Chairman’s report:- None so far this Rotary year.
Membership Development and promotion:- For some reason we have not, as yet, been given a licence to collect on Glyndwr square on the Saturday before Christmas when a Farmers market is being held; the organiser of the market would like us to be present with Father Christmas on the day and so representations are being made to the relevant authorities. If unsuccessful, RG will be looking at our participation in the September market where we could have a stall selling Christmas cards as we did last year. As yet, no plans for a major event have been made but the MD&P group have it on their agenda.
Programme:- The programme is updated regularly and all relevant information for future events are on the web pages. It appears that many members do not access the page on a regular basis as very often questions are asked at meetings as to dates for future events or to ask ”what’s on next week?”.
Rotaract:- RG is in contact with Aberaeron as to what thoughts they may have to move things forward. {during the meeting RG had numerous text messages from his contact regarding some of their possible participation in forthcoming events} We should go as a club, along with Rotaracters to the Fresher’s Fair on their volunteering day fair to interest some new students. Also, if some rotaractors are in the vicinity, we should get them involved in both the Carnival and in the Sea to Shore festivities in August. RG will keep chasing up the matter.
Web:- JB is concerned that hardly any current committee reports are put onto our web pages (This committee excepted of course). HD was requested to tell committee chairs to enter their reports or to send them on to JB who would carry out the simple task*. DW asked HD to put a note on the aide memoir so that it reminds Rotarians to make full use of our excellent web pages for programme information and committee work so that they are up to date with what is happening in the club.
Visits:- JB reported that the VW visit was still on and that there are still two places available for the trip on the 21st November; an announcement to that effect will be made at the next club meeting. Mike Price had made some preliminary enquiries regarding a trip to the TITANIC exhibition in Belfast. A flight would be approx. £60, accommodation £ 280 for 3 nights. He will be asked to firm up proposals so that they are put to members. BH-J had looked into a visit to the ROYAL MINT. A charge of £11 p/p is made for a party of 15 or more which includes a 45 min tour. Visits usually last about two hours. The question of what to tag on to the trip is, as yet, in the air. It had been thought that a stop at FFOS LAS races for an evening meeting might go down well (not until spring 2017 now) or a visit to the Swansea Maritime museum or shops or ???. BH-J will report further at the next meeting. JH had made enquiries regarding a trip to the ELAN VALLEY; a guided tour for a coachload would be £80, with a further £40 for entry into a dam itself. RG suggested a couple of possible dates in August/ September where we could go on a Tuesday instead of our regular meeting. JH was asked to firm up a date and cost and to circulate the info as soon as possible.
Sports:- Our intrepid team of bowlers were currently participating in the District comp at Llandrindod Wells. The sports officer had successfully managed to fix the annual tournament for his own benefit.
Almoner:- In the absence of Colin Eagles, mention was made that John Ockey is as well as expected and Eifion Lewis is making good progress following treatment.
PRO:- The post holder is no longer on this committee but mention was made that reports are well received in the Cambrian News.
AOB:- JB had not, as yet, been able to see a proposed sound system as it was currently not available.
We were informed that the DG would not be able to attend our Charter night due to a clash of dates. DW requested that we delay asking ADG Carole to be the District representative at the Charter night so that he can give the matter some thought. MD was almost certain that the ADG and her husband would be at the Charter night irrespective of being officially requested to attend.
DW floated a suggestion that we hold a Dinner Dance at the Pier Brasserie. Experience among Past Presidents on the committee who had attempted to hold such events were enough to dissuade him.

Date of next meeting:- 13th September, 2016.

*BH-J, while writing this up, suddenly thought that maybe new committee chairs are not aware of the simple process of entering the report onto the web page. JB has been informed separately of this possibility.

Club Service minutes, Tuesday May 24th 2016.
Present:- Martin Davies (chair),Robin Varley, John Bradshaw, Hywel Davies, John Harries, Sonia Dobson, Richard Griffiths, Colin Eagles and Bob Hughes-Jones (sec).
Apologies were received from Derrick Whiting.
Minutes & MA:- the minutes of the previous meeting were approved. MD to talk to David McParlin regarding deputies to cover any of his absences so that reports can be sent to the Cambrian News and also to the chairs of the service committees to remind them of the benefit of nominating vice chairs for their committees.
Chairman’s report:- As this was MD’s first committee meeting, his only report was that he had attended the District assembly recently along with others.
Membership, development & Promotion:- SD reported that the sub-group had met recently and had reviewed the list of possible members which had subsequently been amended. At present, it was felt that there were no names that could be put forward immediately from the list but all Club members were encouraged to keep pushing their contacts. The group had recognised that to transfer our presence in town at various events into prospective new members was the main aim of the promotion strategy and as such, our presence would be much more up-front hopefully. Assistance had been requested at the forthcoming carnival, some had signed up and more were required to help in marshalling and to man our promotion stall with the new leaflets to be distributed. On the 13th August, a Sea to Shore event was being held on the prom and our presence at this event as well as at the Farmer’s market in September ( held during freshers week-end)was being arranged. The date of our Christmas collection on the square may coincide with a Farmer’s market on North parade and the possibility of our Father Christmas being present was discussed. It was not deemed possible to attend the Aberystwyth show. Organising a major event of our own such as a vintage car rally or similar was something for the future that needed thinking about.
Programme:- RG and HD had been working on the programme and RG reported that there were no major changes to the pattern; there would be no meeting on Jan 3rd 2017, and the number of evening meetings with partners would remain at around 5. RG would be liaising with committee chairs so that their events can be slotted into the programme.
Rotaract:- As this is a joint initiative with the Aberaeron club, RG was understandably cautious in his comments. There were only about 5ish members who attend their occasional gatherings and RG was concerned that District was trying to rush the club into being chartered. As the students were now ‘down’, it was going to prove difficult to produce a structure and programme before the next academic year. Lisa Francis, an ex Rotaracter would be the liaison between our club and them. The group need all the help they can get if they are going to sustain the impetus. There will be an opportunity for us to support their development at one of the freshers fairs this Autumn.
Web:- JB was making a plea for all committees to put their reports onto the web page.
Visits:- A number of names had been put on a list for a visit to the VW works in Germany and JB was now going to firm up the proposal for a trip in the Autumn – the all in cost would then be available. BH-J was going to look into a trip to the Royal Mint at Llantrisant, possibly coupled with an evening at the races in Ffos Las. A visit to the TITANIC exhibition at Belfast was also seen as a possibility.
Sports:- The final round of the sports trophy was due to be held at Penrhos on the evening of 14th June.
Almoner:- CE requested that all members please keep him informed of any welfare issues. John Ockey was currently in hospital again and was poorly.
PRO:- David McParlin was no longer on the Club Service committee and we would liaise with him should there be any problems. Huw Spencer Lloyd was continuing with the reports for the Spokesman and Rotary Today.
AOB:- The use of a PA system at Club meetings was discussed. A lapel microphone for use with the hotels’ internal system was mooted and RG volunteered to have a word with the management as regards them obtaining one. A question was raised as to why we do not use our own system?. JB had also looked into some form of mobile PA system which could be used to provide music at our street collection, but the cost would need to be agreed with the treasurer and also the quality of sound reproduction in the open air would need to be ascertained.
Date of next meeting :- would be announced when the new programme has been published.

March 22nd Minutes of the Club Service Committee.
Present:- Derrick Whiting (chairman), Huw Spencer Lloyd, Richard Morgan, Michael Deaville, John Bradshaw, David Mcparlin, Bob Hughes-Jones and the President in attendance.
Apologies:- were from Sonia Dobson, Hywel Davies, and John Ockey.
Minutes:- The minutes of the meeting held on the 19th January were approved. There were no matters arising not on the agenda.
Chairman’s report:- DW was waiting for confirmation from the Royal Hospital that tickets would be available for the proposed visit before finalising arrangements. He regretted that due to a family commitment he would not be able to attend the RIBI conference but as a voting delegate, he would be following proceedings as much as possible on line, as would the secretary (weather permitting). He also thanked JB for the excellent outing to Cosford, last week.
M,D & P report:- JB was thanked for the excellent presentation which he had given the club recently regarding the result of the members’ survey carried out by the sub group. The results would be deliberated upon at the next Club Council meeting. Two prospective new members had been invited to a club meeting; a suggestion that we held an ‘open evening’ for prospective new members was deemed a non-starter as it was felt that an invitation to a club meeting for prospective members was better.
Web site:- JB had nothing to report. DW mentioned that as an addicted user of facebook ( and our nominated administrator) he was inputting streams of reports and comments and would encourage all members not already signed up to do so.
Visits:- There is a good number of Rotarians going on the arranged visit to the National Library.
Sports:- The recent pool comp had resulted in a glorious victory, against all the odds, by the rank outsider JB. A strong party of competitive and highly tuned athletes were due to go to the Blue Bell for our annual match against Llanidloes the following evening. *
Programme:- DM reported that the Lionel White scholar was due to give a presentation for the club in June. Plans for the Hog Roast in July were in hand and the Inner Wheel club had been made aware of the arrangements.
Almoner:- PP Meurig Lewis had reported to Club that John Ockey was not well at all. The committee wishes him a speedy return to his usual seat at the table. Two members intend being back on the golf course after an illness and a knee operation in the very near future.
PRO:- HSL reported that we were prominently featured in the latest issue of the Spokesman .DW thanked him for his sterling service in the post over the number of years and HSL replied that he was looking forward to not having to scribble notes during future meetings, but that he would continue in his role as correspondent to the two magazines; he also suggested that named deputies to his successor, David Mcparlin, be appointed. DM was welcomed into post as the new ‘SCOOP’.
Rotaract:- No report and Richard Griffiths was not at the Club meeting either.
AOB:- MD reported that RI and RIBI were currently in the process of integrating their databases into one format. Stage one, the necessary formalities and declarations had been signed by him so that Data protection regulations were compliant and stage two of the integration was now taking place.
The President mentioned that the ENGLYN read out during Charter night was being translated (Is it possible to translate the true format of an englyn ? Discuss.) and when available, the original and ersatz translation would be sent to both the District secretaries in Wales.
Date of next meeting:- BH-J mentioned that this had been the last meeting of the committee as currently composed and that the next meeting on June 7th would be the first meeting for the next Presidential year. A copy of the minutes of this meeting would be distributed to members of the new committee following the AGM.

STOP PRESS:- * we managed a creditable draw in the match following a hard fought victory, after many years of trying by HSL, in the final Dominoes match.



Club service minutes, January 19th, 2016.

Present: – Derek Whiting (chair),Michael Deaville, David Mcparlin, John Bradshaw, Sonia Dobson, Hywel Davies, Richard Morgan, John Ockey, Huw Spencer Lloyd, Bob Hughes-Jones and the president, John Harries in attendance.

Minutes of the meeting held on November24th were approved.

Chairman’s report   DW welcomed JO back after his recent problems and wished HSL bon voyage on his forthcoming journey to the Antipodes. He put forward for information a proposed flyer for the suggested outing to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. In consultation with MD, a board will be prepared for putting in front of members so that DW can ascertain the numbers wishing to accompany him to London in May. The actual plans for the trip would depend entirely on the number of members showing interest. DW also wished to get as many as possible to join him in attending the annual RIBI conference in Bournemouth. MD would pass on to DW the delegate voting papers if he was going to attend the conference.

Membership, development & promotion.    At its last meeting, Club council had asked the group to take soundings from club members and SD presented a proposed questionnaire to obtain the views of members on suggestions that the development group had been working on. It was agreed that members of the committee would be asked to take it away and add to the suggestions if they thought that the group had missed out on ideas. The production of a leaflet was still an on-going matter; the question of how to explain to prospective members the procedure for membership was discussed and  MD along with RM emphasised the importance of adhering to the strict RIBI rules so as to avoid any possibility of leaving the club open to discrimination issues. HD is now in a position to give more of his time to the matter and will report back via the group.

Web :- It was reported that we have two face-book accounts which is confusing to the cognoscenti, let alone dinosaurs. JB will take the necessary steps to remove one. Apparently, we also have a twitter page as well.

Visits :- A board had started on its rounds to obtain numbers for our trip to the RAF museum at Cosford and to Banks’ brewery. Train travel as had been originally proposed had been rejected due to transport costs at our destination. A maximum of 20 would be allowed due to a restriction imposed by our destination.

Sports :- BH-J reported that Iori Jones would be organising the pool comp as soon as he returned from a holiday in Mexico.

Programme :- all is well and arrangements for the Charter night were well in hand.

Almoner :- JO thanked the chairman for his kind words. He had nothing to report as we all seemed rather hale and healthy.



PRO :- HSL had left by this time but MD reported that HSL had taken steps to ensure that a team of Fleet Street’s top men would continue in his absence with weekly reports to The Cambrian News.

Rotaract :- It was reported that Richard Griffiths is treading very carefully with this matter as it is a joint venture by Aberaeron and ourselves. We await developments.

AOB DW had been given a list of current committee chairs and vice chairs and was reminded of his role to  select his team for 2016/2017. JH and MD would arrange to meet up with DW to assist in his deliberations.

Next Meeting will be on Tuesday, 22nd March.


Club service minutes, January 19th, 2016.

Present: – Derek Whiting (chair),Michael Deaville, David Mcparlin, John Bradshaw, Sonia Dobson, Hywel Davies, Richard Morgan, John Ockey, Huw Spencer Lloyd, Bob Hughes-Jones and the president, John Harries in attendance.

Minutes of the meeting held on November24th were approved.

Chairman’s report   DW welcomed JO back after his recent problems and wished HSL bon voyage on his forthcoming journey to the Antipodes. He put forward for information a proposed flyer for the suggested outing to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. In consultation with MD, a board will be prepared for putting in front of members so that DW can ascertain the numbers wishing to accompany him to London in May. The actual plans for the trip would depend entirely on the number of members showing interest. DW also wished to get as many as possible to join him in attending the annual RIBI conference in Bournemouth. MD would pass on to DW the delegate voting papers if he was going to attend the conference.

Membership, development & promotion.    At its last meeting, Club council had asked the group to take soundings from club members and SD presented a proposed questionnaire to obtain the views of members on suggestions that the development group had been working on. It was agreed that members of the committee would be asked to take it away and add to the suggestions if they thought that the group had missed out on ideas. The production of a leaflet was still an on-going matter; the question of how to explain to prospective members the procedure for membership was discussed and  MD along with RM emphasised the importance of adhering to the strict RIBI rules so as to avoid any possibility of leaving the club open to discrimination issues. HD is now in a position to give more of his time to the matter and will report back via the group.

Web :- It was reported that we have two face-book accounts which is confusing to the cognoscenti, let alone dinosaurs. JB will take the necessary steps to remove one. Apparently, we also have a twitter page as well.

Visits :- A board had started on its rounds to obtain numbers for our trip to the RAF museum at Cosford and to Banks’ brewery. Train travel as had been originally proposed had been rejected due to transport costs at our destination. A maximum of 20 would be allowed due to a restriction imposed by our destination.

Sports :- BH-J reported that Iori Jones would be organising the pool comp as soon as he returned from a holiday in Mexico.

Programme :- all is well and arrangements for the Charter night were well in hand.

Almoner :- JO thanked the chairman for his kind words. He had nothing to report as we all seemed rather hale and healthy.



PRO :- HSL had left by this time but MD reported that HSL had taken steps to ensure that a team of Fleet Street’s top men would continue in his absence with weekly reports to The Cambrian News.

Rotaract :- It was reported that Richard Griffiths is treading very carefully with this matter as it is a joint venture by Aberaeron and ourselves. We await developments.

AOB DW had been given a list of current committee chairs and vice chairs and was reminded of his role to  select his team for 2016/2017. JH and MD would arrange to meet up with DW to assist in his deliberations.

Next Meeting will be on Tuesday, 22nd March.



Minutes:- 24th November, 2015.

Present:-   VP Derrick Whiting (chairman), Richard Morgan, Michael Deaville, David McParlin, John Bradshaw, John Ockey, Huw Spencer Lloyd, Bob Hughes-Jones and the president in attendance. PP Richard Griffiths joined us when Rotoract was being discussed.

Apologies:– were received from Sonia Dobson

Minutes and matters arising:– were accepted and there were no MA’s that were not on the main agenda.

Chairman’s report:– DW thanked the organisers of the young musician comp and mentioned that he was thinking of asking the young horn player to play at a forthcoming event involving carriage driving. He had been in contact with The Royal  Hospital, Chelsea regarding a possible trip in mid-May to the Governors review. A board was due out very shortly to ascertain members’ interest.

Recruitment & retention:– In her absence, SD had submitted a resume of their thoughts and suggestions. JB, being a member of the group pinpointed the main thoughts. Foremost amongst them was the suggestion that we get away from our regular cycle of weekly luncheon meetings and to put some variety into the programme with a business or committee meeting on alternate months, an “OUT” day for one week in a four week cycle either to visit another club or to carry out an activity of some kind and two ordinary lunch meetings per month with, hopefully, a speaker. DM was conscious that there was a feeling that the programme was based on what happened in previous years and that having both a Christmas message followed almost immediately by a New Year message was a bit OTT. Also the idea of going to different venues for the evening meetings had been suggested. RM drew our attention to the fact that The Marine might have something to say regarding some of these changes. DW put forward the suggestion that we should have a “President’s Swansong and a New President’s welcome” event as was the habit in his previous club. JB’s working group also wanted us to make more use of our new Gazebo (which it is claimed to be far superior than the intended purchase due to grant funding) as a publicity aide not necessarily connected to a fund raising event.

Web:– JB had no issues. DW enquired whether or not the club had a facebook page; it was pointed out that we do have something but as the ownership of the pages must be by a named individual , there were issues involved.

Visits:– A board will be going out shortly to ascertain the level of interest in a day out on a Wednesday in March(?) to the RAF museum at Cosford and on to Banks’ brewery.

Sports:– Bowls comp was on Friday with 16 names on the list of eager, fit and athletic Rotarians. WADA had been forewarned of the event.

Programme:– DM had nothing untoward to report.



Almoner:-  JO was in occasional contact with our two infirm Hon members. Eifion was off his crutches and Emlyn had undergone knee surgery.

PRO:- HSL was thanked by DW for his regular reports to the “Cambrian News”. HSL reported that a photo and report had appeared in “Rotary Today”. A report was being compiled for the winter edition of “The Spokesman”.

Rotoract:– RG joined us to report on their progress which sadly is a bit slow and haphazard at the moment with only a very few committed members. There appears to be some discussion required with the co-sponsor club as to the way forward. Our club has valuable experience from being involved in a previous Rotoract club and it was believed that even at such an early stage of gestation, it was necessary to put some form of informal formality into the new club’s structure. JH was anxious that they should be mindful that in the current climate, doing voluntary work was of immense benefit in the future jobs market and having been a Rotoracter would look good on any CV. RG said that four young persons had helped out at the recent Round Table bonfire night and that there were also volunteers for marshalling at the Christmas festival parade. It was agreed that as a club, we should do all we can to encourage the formation of a club: it may not happen this year but if a foundation could be built, then next year we may find things moving forward successfully.

AOB:_ JH reported that four out of the five main offices for the 2016/17 year had been filled and a replacement secretary had also been lined up but not yet confirmed. DW was reminded to nominate appointments as his Committee chairs for next year.

Date of next meeting:–  19th January, 2016..


Minutes 15th September.

Present:-  Derek Whiting (chair), Richard Morgan, Michael Deaville, David Mcparlin, John Ockey, Sonia Dobson, John Bradshaw, Bob H-J and the president in attendance.

Apologies:– were received from Huw Spencer Lloyd and Hywel Davies.

Minutes:– of the previous meeting were accepted.

Chairman:–  DW outlined his thoughts on the possible visit to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. An initial response board will be put out shortly.  DW was interested, on a personal level, in the exploits of the Aberystwyth battalion of the Royal Artillery during El-Alamein and was hoping to make something of his research. PP the late Iori Lewis was in this skirmish.

R&RTG:–  SD gave an overview of progress so far. An action plan had been agreed and was under development along the lines of the new terms of reference. The list of prospective members had been re-drawn to highlight the more +ve possibilities. The group was still formulating ways to move forward in a pro-active way; a push is planned at the forthcoming Aber Food Festival and new flyers would soon be available.

Web:– JB had nothing to report.

Visits:– The chair suggested a visit to Cardigan castle coupled with a visit to the Woollen mill museum in Felindre. A board will be sent out soon to ascertain possible interest.

Sports:– No report had been received. (BH-J checked later with Iori who had no report of any forthcoming events).

Programme:– DM reported that the programme was full until January. He was waiting on Eifion regarding fitting in the RYLA student. The proposed talk from the director of Kneller Hall was dependent on available dates.

Almoner:– JO had no report but was requesting that club members keep him informed of any possible issues that merited his attention.

PRO:– HSL dad sent in a written report. A piece had been sent to the Spokesman, Rotary Today and The Cambrian news regarding our Hon Member, the late Bryn Button.

AOB:– after a lengthy discussion on the merits of both candidates for the post of future DG, the committee cogitated further until we decided to put forward to Club Council, the name of District Secretary Clive Edwards.

Date of next meeting:– November 24th.

Committee meeting 14 July 2015
Chairman:– Derrick raised a question regarding the dearth of regalia in the club such as a treasurer or secretary badge worn at club meetings. After a short discussion the committee decided not to go further into this matter, the general impression being that we are quite happy as we are. Further to his thoughts on possible trips to a cricket match at the Oval and a visit to the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, Derrick was hoping to visit the Oval this summer and may invite a certain Rotarian to join him as a means of ascertaining if such a visit was viable. He was also going to be sending a board out to gauge the feeling for the Royal Hospital visit in May, 2016.
Membership & retention:– Sonia presented a report on the meeting of the group assigned to address this issue ( Appendixed). One of the proposals put forward was that the name of the task group was changed to DEVELOPMENT AND PROMOTION group. The thinking behind this was to emphasise the development of the club through new membership in addition to promoting our work in the community as a means of encouraging new blood to join us. A re-visit of the remit of the group would need to be carried out if we were to accept this change. Nothing would be finalised until Club Council had an opportunity at their next meeting to discuss the suggestions. It was pointed out that it is important that we do not dismiss the main function of the original remit and Sonia drew the committee’s attention to the list of possible new members and the fact that there were Rotarians listed against these possibilities as having indicated that they were actively pursuing these persons. As regards a budget for the committee, RM indicated that it was not the intention to provide the group with a specific budget but that a reasonable request for any funding required would be met favourably.
Web:– JB reported that there were no issues and the committee secretary indicated that he had partially cracked the problems he had which were of his making. It was suggested that perhaps a brief reminder of the following weeks’ meeting put out as an e-mail by the secretary might be of help as many Rotarians did not visit our web pages on a regular basis.
Visits:– See Chairman’s report.
Sports:– No report
Programme:– DMcP reported that there were no issues. He was trying to get the Police Commissioner as a speaker to a meeting. The Chairman was in contact with the ex-director of music at Kneller Hall (army) to give us a talk.
Almoner:– In JO’s absence, there was no report but in answer to a query, it was noted that Rtn Peter Gardner was on leave of absence due to undergoing weekly medical treatment on a Tuesday.
PRO:- HSL was compiling a report to send to the Spokesman regarding our successful duck race. The Cambrian News had a little problem re his reports recently but the issue had been resolved.
AOB:- In the absence of JH, DW mentioned a matter which he had carried out on a personal basis. All would be revealed in due course.

Club service minutes, 9th June 2015.


Present:- Derrick Whiting (chair), Richard Morgan, Michael Deville, Huw Spencer Lloyd, John Ockey, John Bradshaw, Hywel Davies, Sonia Dobson, Bob Hughes-Jones and John Harries in attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved and there were no matters arising that were not up for discussion later.

Chairman:- Derrick thanked the club for the honour of serving as SVP in the forthcoming year. He wished to carry the club forward in a similar vein to his predecessor and reiterated the importance of Recruitment and Retention which is vital for the club’s ongoing prosperity.

Membership:– PP Sonia  was the lead member of the committee to take forward the work which had begun during JH’s year as SVP and she had co-opted HD and Richard Griffiths on to a working group to carry on the work. It was noted that even though retention was not a major issue for the club, there is a need to better prepare  prospective new members as it was felt that in many cases they were not fully aware of what Rotary in Aberystwyth was about, let alone RI. The list of “possibles”  should be reviewed regularly and contact should be maintained with  them. JB brought up the matter of our profile in town when we were carrying out street collections etc. It was felt that we were missing a trick with being a bit weak with our presence and it was agreed that this would be an issue we needed to be more up front with. HSL said that even the CN was becoming weary of photos of cheque presentations and BH-J suggested that we should possibly be a little bit more imaginative in our reports e.g. a photo and article of a Rotarian cleaning / emptying the wishing well coupled with a piece on water aid. SD mentioned our lack of presence at Town events which should be an opportunity to further promote our presence. It was suggested that an article be composed for Huw Bates’ monthly magazine .

Programme:– David Mcparlin had filled up speaker dates up to October, and was on top of the challenge.

Web:– JB reported no problems but BH-J did suggest that a simpler flow chart of how to put reports on the web by individuals be drawn up. JB was of the opinion that perhaps the problem lay with the end user !!!.

Visits:– JO announced a forthcoming trip by Probus to Gregynnog inSeptember. DW put forward a couple of proposals for next year:- a visit to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea and / or a trip to the Oval for some cricket which he would be able to arrange through contacts. Both suggestions merited further discussion  and club members would be canvassed in due course, bearing in mind that either of these visits would entail overnight stays in London.

Sports :–  The final event of this year’s trophy comp would be held on the 18th June at Llanrhystud. There were no plans to change anything but it is up to Iori Jones as to what where and when events take place.

Almoner:– It was reported that Peter Gardner had requested of Club Council for leave of absence due to ongoing medical treatment and that PP Allen Carr was struggling with ligament problems which were affecting his mobility. Jo was not aware of any problems with our Hon Members.



PRO:- HSL was not happy with the report in the CN regarding the recent duck race but as his usual contact in the paper was away, perhaps it would explain the reason. HSL would try again to put an article and better photos into the paper.

AOB:– of which there was none.

Date of next meeting:–  Tuesday July 14th 2015.

Minutes of the Club Service Committee, 31st March 2015.

Present:-  SVP John Harries (chair), Richard Morgan, John Bradshaw, John Ockey, Richard Griffiths, Michael Deaville, Huw Spencer Lloyd, Colin Fletcher and Bob Hughes-Jones.

Apologies were received from President Hywel Davies.

Minutes and matters arising:- The minutes of the January meeting were accepted. The visit of Martin Dean was in abeyance pending his recovery and arranging a suitable date in the future. The forthcoming evening meeting with Dennis Balsom was on 28th April, and all Rotarians were to be encouraged to bring prospective members to this and to other meetings.

Chairman’s report.  The report in the appendix was discussed at some length.

  • There were no strong views either way regarding the need to reduce the level of formality in our regular meetings. Some committee members indicated that significantly more formal arrangements had been in place in the past. It was agreed that this matter should be kept under review.
  • JH suggested that a small group, along the lines of that which had operated this year, should take initial responsibility for Recruitment and Retention; the group should consist of three members, the lead member being on Club service committee. Club Service committee agreed this proposal. It was also noted that important elements of R&R would be marketing what the club does both locally and nationally/internationally to prospective new members and to wider public.
  • Putting new members in at the deep end as committee chairs is an issue which needs addressing. It was agreed that the cycle of service committee membership should be reviewed. The ideal would be a three year cycle with the prospective chair in the second year of the cycle shadowing the current chair in year 1 and mentoring his successor in year 3. It was also agreed that a new member’s proposer should be acting as a guide to make sure that he or she was not lost in the maze and intricacies of RI and its myriad tentacles.
  • Reference to Inner Wheel should be deleted from the report , and Club should encourage members from all genders.
  • While the role of service committee chairs was available on the Club’s website, it was agreed that it would be useful if, in addition, a list of the duties associated with these roles was drafted. The initial draft could be produced by the current incumbents.

JH thanked the committee for the input into the discussion.

WEB:- JB reported that all was well.

Membership:-A prospective new member was due to attend an information meeting later today.

Visits:- The trip to Rome was a success. Probus are planning a trip on the 9th September. June 16th is a possible date for a post prandial visit to the new Penglais complex. JB also mentioned the possibility of a trip to the RAF Cosford museum

Sports:- Indoor bowls were to take place on April 24th. Golf had been arranged for mid June and the inter-club with Llanidloes was being re-scheduled for the Autumn.

Programme:- A talk on Hospice at home was mooted for the future, when it is fully up and running and a talk on the work of ARAD GOCH was also a possibility. The calendar for the remainder of this year was complete.

Almoner:- JO reported that Lord Elystan was making good progress and the latest news on Mike Price was encouraging.


PRO:_ HSL reported that the CN was printing his reports regularly and that he was in the process of compiling a report for the Spokesman before 12th April.

AOB:- The district was re-issuing a paper version of the directory. It was agreed that the club purchase 20 copies only as most of our members were familiar with the web version.

The workload of the Foundation Committee was such that it was felt that their numbers may be too many. As it was deemed to be counter productive to pass on more duties to the committee, it was agreed that the number on the committee should be marginally reduced so that the committees which had higher workloads could be suitably strengthened. It was noted that proposals for the forthcoming year would take this factor into account.

Next Meeting As this was the last meeting of the current year, JH thanked the members of Club Service for their contribution throughout the year. The next meeting would be of the new Club Service committee on the 9th June.


At the presentation and discussionof the result of the SWOT analysisand the ‘interviews with recently joined members’, at the Club meeting held on February 24th, the following matters arose which require careful consideration.

  1. Is the formality of Club meetings now a throwbackto a bygone age?. It may be seen by some as excessive and, most importantly, off-putting to attendees who may be potential recruits. Whereas meetings clearly need to have a structure, is there still a case for some of the more traditional elements, i.e. should we seek to ‘Light up Rotary’?.
  2. Should there be a standing group, reporting to Club Service Committee, to focus on marketing, recruitment and retention?.
  3. Is the responsibility for mentoring new members set out sufficiently clearly, and followed?.
  4. Given the existence of Inner Wheel, to what extent should we seek to actively recruit more female members?.
  5. Should there be a list of duties produced for each Club position/chairperson and, if so, would the current incumbent be the best placed to produce an initial draft?.

JH 30.03.15.

Club Service Minutes, 20th January 2015.

Present:-  SVP  John Harries(chair), John Bradshaw, Richard Morgan, Colin Fletcher, John Ockey, Michael Deaville, Richard Griffiths and Bob Hughes-Jones. Pres. Hywel was in attendance.

Apologies:– were received from HSL who was currently visiting family in the Antipodes.

Minutes and Matters arising:–  The heading of item one on the last minutes was corrected to DIVERSITY.  Martyn Dean would be attending our meeting on the 10th Feb. From AOB – the info regarding the wishing well was to be passed to the International committee.

Chairman:–  JH took us through the comprehensive reports on the last meeting of the M,R&R TG.

From the list of suggested new members, those who had put names forward were to be encouraged to bring them to meetings. It was agreed that the list should be updated and reviewed twice yearly.

Canvassed opinion of recently joined members would be analysed by JH

The financial cost implication of membership had been provided by RM

It was agreed that the suggestion of holding a presentation evening to prospective members on the same evening as the Music Evening be abandoned. It was agreed that we should ask RG to line up a top notch speaker for a buffet type  evening meeting to which we invite those considered as prospective new members. Speakers’ names were bandied about and RG would look to hold a meeting in the spring. In order to accommodate this  evening meeting, the Club AGM would be changed to a lunchtime meeting.

Action was to be taken regarding our web content and articles for the local press in Welsh and an article for the new magazine EGO was to be prepared.

A SWOT analysis had been collated and it was noted that there were a number of salient points that could be acted upon.

It was disappointing that the number of returns was low. In order to enthuse club members, it was agreed that JH and his working group make a presentation to the club at our meeting on the 24th February.

WEB:-  JB explained that due to the volume of info that was proposed to be included on our new pages, the local Host provider would not be able to cope. We had two options:- either reduce the content so that it could be hosted locally or alternatively go on to  a new host provider with the full gamut of bells and whistles as had been explained to members at a recent meeting. JB’s current bespoke hosting system could be used but it was agreed that we should go on to a new system WORD PRESS  which is a platform suitable for use with the pages as explained by JB at the recent presentation. This means that we change our web address to and it would be necessary to change all our publicity info, letterheads etc. to reflect this change.(MJD hard copy bits, JB sorting out the web )

Visits:Arrangements for the trip to Italy were in hand, details would be forthcoming as soon as HWJ had received them. CF suggested a visit to the soon to be re-opened Cardigan Castle as a possible summer trip.

Sport:– The Pool competition was to be held next Tuesday, after the luncheon meeting.

Programme:- was up to date to the end of February, and all evening meetings had been booked.

Almoner:–  JO had spoken recently to Lynne James (Roy James’s widow) and she was with her granddaughter in the north of England. She was hoping to come back to Aber.

PRO:– in the absence of HSL, there was no report

AOB:– JH announced that Chairs for the various 2015 committees had been agreed with the prospective holders for ratification at the AGM.. It was proposed to hold the Pig Roast on the 26th July, subject to Peter and Celia Gardner’s co-operation, the agreement of the Inner wheel members and the price of Pork.

Date of next meeting:– Scheduled for 31st March.


Committee meeting 25 November 2014.
Minutes – The minutes of the September meeting were approved. There were no matters arising that were not on the agenda.
Equality and Diversity – The necessary documentation had been signed and passed on to the relevant people. It is intended to ask Martin Deans to come and give us a talk on aspects appertaining specifically to Rotarians.
Web:- JB led us through the development work which he was carrying out regarding the creating of a new web page for the club. All comments from committee members were positive and it was agreed that the suggested format was far superior to the national RIBI template. John asked for help from members to up-date the reports contained on the new format . HD asked JB to give a presentation during the SGM/business meeting next week.
Visits –  The proposed trip to Italy is being worked on by Hywel Wyn.
Sports –  BH-J reported that Iori has the matter in hand, but was not sure in which one. Both the Bowls and Pool comps will be held after Christmas.
Programme – There was no report.
Membership and R&RTG – RCFT joined us and took us through the report of the last meeting of the task group. Action points A and B were in hand. The group had not yet discussed point C with the treasurer. Plans are in hand to incorporate point D in a Music Evening being organised by the Youth activities committee on March 1st when a brief presentation will be made to the audience of guests etc. Action point E led to discussions on how best to implement a PR campaign; suggestions included the use of social media, a poster in the Town Library, flyers to hand out at street collections/ charity events. Whatever method that would be utilised would need to be of the highest professional standard. CF would take these to the next meeting of the group. MD reported that responses to the SWOT analysis were rather slow coming in and would put a note out to members reminding them of the need to return both the suggested list of new members and the analysis. HD thanked CF and the group for their diligent work on this important topic.
Almoner – JO reported that he did not have any info as to when the funeral of Hon Member PP Iori Lewis would take place.
PRO –  HSL was sending weekly reports to the Cambrian News which were being printed. Reports were also being sent on to the Spokesman and the Rotary magazine. As part of our publicity campaign, BHJ asked whether there was a possibility of sending brief Generic reports about what the movement was doing globally to the Cambrian News? Reports on Polio eradication , water Aid or disaster relief through shelter boxes would help in raising the profile of the club in the area.
AOB –  JB showed us a publicity poster for Water Aid which he had photographed while on holiday in the Lake district. It was agreed to look into the possibility of using a similar format for the Wishing Well.

Committee meeting 16th September 2014
Chairman’s report – JH gave a detailed report on the meeting held by the Recruitment and Retention task group. The intention for the club should be to secure a net minimum increase of two new members every year.
The task group suggested that, through market research, it would be useful to evaluate the perception amongst non-Rotarians as to what they think Rotary is about. RM said that we must dispel the elitist image that seems to hang over us and rather than a market research exercise we would be far better served if we as club members were to put forward a positive image of the club and its associated activities. The opinions of newly joined members-say the past couple of years- should be sought to ascertain whether what they thought that they were joining was in fact the true picture. There is a need to discuss the cost implications for prospective members. It is significant in that RIBI has reduced the joining fee to £ 15.
An informal information and recruitment evening should be hosted by the club, with each member being invited to bring along a prospective new member to a FREE buffet/presentation evening.
We should explore the use of social media to deliver our message of what we are doing and also the use of leaflets to be handed out when we are carrying out street collections may well help to put our message across. A survey of existing members should be undertaken to ascertain views and identify ways of improving retention of both new and existing members. Richard Morgan thanked JH and his group for the work they had put into the first stage of what should become our new mantra.
Quiz – JH had been in contact with his counterpart at Carmarthen Tywi and a date of November 19th had been set for the Quiz at Granell Hotel, Llanwnnen.
Equality and Diversity Policy – JH explained that RIBI had published a document in 2011 outlining Rotary’s policy on Equality and Diversity; this had come about following the Equality Act 2010 which legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society Whilst much of the content of the policy is common sense, it is important, given the legal underpinning and the potential for adverse publicity should there be any contravention, that members are made aware of the issues. JH suggested that we invite the District equality officer, Martyn Dean to give us a talk on the subject rather than invite an external speaker on the subject as we felt that a talk specifically aimed at Rotary and Rotarians should best meet our needs.
Web – in the absence of JB, there was no report but MD said that as far as he was aware, there were no outstanding issues.
Sport – no report.
Membership – Further to the discussion paper, it was reported that Andrew Mort had tended his resignation. An information meeting would be held ASAP with Ken Young and Lindsey Fletcher had intimated to JH that he could be interested in joining the club.
Almoner – JO reported the sad death of PP Gwyn Richards whose funeral is to be held at Holy Trinity this coming Thursday. HSL had seen Iori Lewis recently and reported that though he was frail he was in good spirits. Gwyn Lewis was also in good spirits.
PRO – HSL reported that his reports are well received by readers of the Cambrian News. He was currently preparing a report for the Spokesman.
AOB – Nominations for the post of DG had been received. They will be passed on to Club Council to make a recommendation for club members to support.
Sundial – A letter had been received from the Rotary club of ESQUEL in Argentina regarding the erecting of sundial in both ‘cities!’ to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the MIMOSA ‘s arrival on the coast of Chubut. Committee members were not un-enthusiastic, concern was expressed regarding the many obstacles which had to be overcome before we even gave the matter full consideration. We would also need to involve the Town Council and the twinning group should the proposal be feasible. It was agreed that the matter be brought to the attention of the forthcoming Club Council meeting with the suggestion that MD write to the president of the Esquel Rotary Club requesting more information regarding their proposed project.

Committee meeting 15th July 2014.
Chairmans report – The Chair’s priority this year would be on the recruitment and retention of new members. He intended to form a small group of three, members of which were Hywel Wyn Jones, Colin Fletcher and Himself, to push forward this agenda. A request had been e-mailed to the secretary asking us to host the first round of the quiz against Carmarthen Tywi club. It was pointed out that this was not the usual format for these evenings and it was agreed that MD contact Bill Walker for clarification. JH had received information regarding hosting ‘Rotary days’; was this not what we do at the pig roast? where most of those attending are non- Rotarians.
Web – The pages need updating and JB reported that it was in hand.
Visits – Hywel Wyn was in the process of gathering interest for a possible outing to St Davids and a spring trip to Rome. JO would contact the secretary of Probus to see if there was any interest in joining the Pembrokeshire trip.
Sports – Our bowling team were congratulated after their success at the recent district bowls day. They have been rewarded by the honour of organising next year’s tournament. Our club trophy campaign will commence in the autumn.
Programme – RG reported a nearly full programme until mid January. Dates for a talk by our incoming Scholar were discussed as was the requirement to put in some form of fund raising evening for the Youth services team and the area quiz night(s).
Attendance – RG that reported that after holding conversations with a member, a letter of resignation would be forthcoming but RG also had mentioned to him the possibility of transfer to a club nearer his home town.
Almoner – JO reported that Hon members Gwynne Lewis was now virtually housebound but in good spirits and that Iori Lewis hoped to join us at next week’s meeting. Eifion Lewis was not in the best of health having undergone recent treatment.
PRO – All is well, the Cambrian News is reporting our meetings; anecdotally the reports are widely read.
AOB – It may be that there is some anxiety regarding the numbers proposing to attend the RIBI presidential visit to Llanelli as we are getting e-mails from the club as well as district urging us to come to the meeting in August. The date coincides with the National Eisteddfod in the town. MD is still attempting to obtain details from RIBI as to the cycle of Presidential visits as we are not the only club on the border of other districts and it may sometimes be easier for Rotarians to attend these gatherings in neighbouring districts.

AGM report 15 April 2014
We met five times during the year and I should like to thank all the members for a busy and productive year.
Club Service, through its members, provides the essential infrastructure that the Club needs to function effectively: Web, social media, visits, sports, pastoral work, membership and publicity.
Excellent trips and visits: Bletchley park and the visit to distillery in Llandysul stand out, thanks to John B and David McP respectively for their great work in organising. Look forward to Max Dobson’s field trip to Borth in June.
Membership continues to be a key priority: looking for net gains in our membership and also to create an environment where each member can play a full part in his or her own way. In this respect the role of the new Members’ Mentor is critical-thanks to Richard G for all his work here.
Sports: A good group of 16 attended the bowls evening at Machynlleth in November; extend our congratulations to Colin E. Successful and very entertaining sports evening was held in March with fellow Rotarians from the Llanidloes club in Llangurig, great fellowship and excellent beer. The result was irrelevant.
Almoner: Give our best wishes and support to Gwynn Lewis and Iori Lewis, still not 100% but continues to battle on. Thanks to almoner John O.
Successor planning; Very important that roles are filled, we must avoid recycling of senior posts which so many clubs elsewhere have had to do due to declining membership and a reluctance of members to assume roles of responsibility for whatever reason. We must cultivate our own human resources and give people the opportunity to gain experience. This is almost like a membership health check.
Publicity: Aberystwyth extreme weather. Our Wishing Well was the Last Man standing as photographs tweeted by John B show so graphically. Reports on the Wishing Well after the storms have been sent to both Rotary Today and the Spokesman . Thanks Huw Looking back and forward: Looking back to unfinished work, touching up the plaque in the Bronglais Hospital garden which was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Club in 1998 in Alun R’s year as President, looking forward to 9 years’ time when the Club will be celebrating 75 years of Rotary in Aberystwyth, by then the Club’s archive will be in the possession of the county which will help to produce a good display of the Club’s activities and impact in the community during this period.

Committee meeting 25 March 2014
Chairman’s report
– HD Thanked everybody for their assistance and support at the Charter night which had been a success. He is currently putting his team together for the forthcoming year. The important post of speaker’s secretary had been discussed with a member who was considering the opportunity.

Web – JB had nothing to report other than everything was going fine.
Visits – A visit to the distillery in Llandyssul had gone down very well. Max Dobson would be speaking to the club on June 17th, and this would be followed by a field trip at Borth. HWJ was looking into the possibility of a trip to North Pembs in late May.
Sports – We had been trounced at the inter club night against Llanidloes, but all who were present had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Iori Jones would be reminded to arrange the other legs of the Roy James/ Hugh Alun Thomas trophy.
Programme – all well, dates are nearly all taken, and there are more possibilities in the pipeline.
Membership – MD had E-mailed Liz Owen Jones and reminded her that she was due to steward at next week’s meeting. Silence was the reply to date. Andrew Mort’s period of leave was drawing to a close, Club Council will put this on their agenda for the meeting in April. Richard Griffiths is in contact with many a possible name but as yet with not much progress.
Almoner – JO reported that Hon Member Iori Lewis is poorly but in good spirits according to the family. He is home from hospital. CF had spoken with Beatrice Lewis; Gwynne was ok, and appreciative of the concern of the club and grateful for the contact. PRO:- HSL had everything under control and thanked those who had deputised for him whilst he was in the Antipodes. A report for the Spokesman was in the process of being compiled.
AOB – Relevant members were reminded of the Club Council meeting due on 7th April; the next Club Service committee would be on 10th June, under the New SVP, John Harries.

Committee meeting – 21st January 2014
Matters arising – John Harries has agreed to be SVP following HD as president. The post of JVP will be filled and will be ratified at our AGM in April. Sorting our archives will be commenced when HSL returns from New Zealand and the plaque at Bronglais will be sorted soon.
Chairman’s report – HD is looking forward to  attending another PETS meeting soon.
Web report – After much discussion, it was agreed to continue for the time being with the JB bespoke template. The RI one was not as comprehensive as ours and as far as JB was aware, incapable of hosting a Welsh language section. JB was happy to continue with running it but was aware that if the time came to appoint a successor, we would have to revert to the RI version.
Visits – Dave McParlin was arranging a visit in February to a brewery and cheese making enterprise near Llandyssul . Max Dobson had offered to take Rotarians to Llannon beach one afternoon to view the interesting geology. HWJ offered to arrange a late spring outing somewhere- watch this space.
Sports – HSL will contact Llanidloes regarding the joint evening and will pass on Iori Jones’ name as he is the new contact.
Speakers – Our programme is nearly full for the year. HD was reminded at this point that it would be desirable if he began putting together a team for next year in order to announce it at the AGM. The post of speaker’s secretary was vital and should be filled ASAP in order to commence work on next year’s programme. The appointed post holder should be a member of the Club Service committee.
Membership – the on-going issues were being handled by the Club Council.
Almoner – JO had been in contact with Gwynne Lewis’s wife and reported that he is OK but not brilliant. Gareth Williams is home and progressing satisfactorily.
PRO – HSL had sent photos and a report on the Wishing well after the storms to both Rotary Today  and the SpokesmanAOB – MJD reported that he had 10 returns for the District questionnaire regarding the  District conference, and 9 of the respondents were of the opinion that it was too expensive and far to travel. He had summarised the written responses and sent it off. Rtn Mike Parry of Cardiff is in the running for the post of RIBI president in a couple of years and we shall support his nomination. There are vacancies for an RI directorship and we appointed the usual voting delegates for the RIBI conference in April. SVP Hywel hinted that his diary was very full for that period !!.JB had some thoughts regarding our Christmas collection. We should check with the licensing authority whether the Big Issue seller has authority to be in the square at the time we are collecting. Additionally, despite our record success last year, and bearing in mind the now numerous other street collectors throughout the year, it would be worth reviewing the process to enhance our presence. Larger signs, maybe with sponsorship and ‘Rotary gazebo were suggested. It was also felt that our music selection could be enhanced.

Committee meeting 26 November 2013
Chairman’s report – HD reported that he had attended a PETS meeting. Many issues had been raised, the most urgent being the haemorrhaging of members throughout the district and the demise of a number of Clubs. We compare favourably but we have a major concern in that amongst our current senior membership, there is a reluctance to take on the role of Club President. At present, we are still without an SVP nominee, let alone a nominee for JVP. Both these positions are usually ratified at the SGM due to be held on the 3rd December. HD and CF had been through the list of senior members who have not taken up the post and for various reasons, had drawn a blank. RM wondered whether or not some of our more recent uptake would be willing to step in. HD would look into it before the week-end. MD’s name was in the frame as a fall-back, but he would rather continue as secretary for another year.

Web pages – Fine. JB reported that he would look into the RI template for our web page in case we require another member to take over the running of the page as our bespoke page, even though it is infinitely superior to the RI one is a bit too user specific.
Visits – A successful outing had been made to Bletchley Park. JB was thanked. The proposed visit to the RIBI proms was not on as it had sold out, and there were too few takers for the trip to Dublin. David Macparlin had suggested a pre-Christmas alcoholic trip, but as the date clashes with our collection in Morrison, CF would ask him to think about a date in the New Year as there was a strong positive response from members.
Sports – A good group of 16 had attended the bowls evening at Machynlleth, the winner was Colin Eagles.
Programme – nearly full.
Membership – Issues were passed on to Club Council.
Almoner -JO reported that all is well, Gwynne Lewis doubts if he will ever attend the club again. Iori Lewis is still not 100% but is battling on.
PRO – HSL reported that the Cambrian News is still printing reports (sometimes abridged) We had honourable mention in the Spokesman and he had been informed from Rotary today that they might use his piece on the wishing well change over from Polio Plus to Water aid.
AOB – Nominations were invited for district posts. We agreed to nominate Bill Walker for the post of ADG for our area. It was agreed not to support any possible initiative on the 110th anniversary of RI.
Date of next meeting:- 21st January, 2014.

Committee 17th September 2013
Matters arising – Nothing had happened as yet regarding the archives. John B was taking steps to organise a trip to Bletchley Park.
Chairman’s report – Hywel D was concerned about the condition of the plaque in our garden at Bronglais as the lettering was faded. It was agreed that steps be taken to get it refurbished. Hywel is still looking for a JVP; progress is slow but he is hopeful. Plans for the trip to the District Conference are in hand.
Web – no report in John B’s absence.
Visits – Hywel W J is making enquiries re a coach to take a party to Dublin but hinted that match tickets would be very hard to come by. Michael D offered to look into the possibility of arranging a trip to Birmingham during the RIBI conference in April to attend the ‘Rotary Proms’ evening concert.
Bletchley rts evening was held in March wiSport – Iori J was away and had not sent a report.
Programme – This is more or less full until mid February.
Membership – Richard M is worried about the attendance record of 3 Rotarians. Richard G had been the sponsor of two and would be asked to speak to them on this issue. Michael would check up on who was the sponsor of the third and ask him to have a word.
Almoner – John O was not aware of Hon Member Gwynn L’s 90th birthday but would contact him forthwith to send him our best wishes. Eifion was not very well. A good number of Rotarians had attended PP Elwyn’s funeral.
PRO – Huw had sent in a report. Photos of the Pig Roast and the Wishing Well change had been sent to the Spokesman and the usual report on our activities as well. The Pig Roast photo and notes had gone to Rotary Today. The CN was printing his reports and during his absence, Alun R would act as reporter.
Bob mentioned that in 9 years time we would be celebrating 75 years of Rotary in Aber. He suggested that we approached the Museum in plenty of time and request a 3 month exhibition of Rotary in town to be mounted in the main floor of the museum at the appropriate time. The Club’s archive would by then be in the possession of the County and could be accessed to help produce a good display of the Club’s activities.

Committee meeting 11th June 2013
Matters arising:-

• Coastal Path walk– MD reported that contrary to the previous minutes, the walkers had not fallen off a cliff but were currently trying to locate their walking boots in the deeper recesses of their sheds. It is still an on-going project but slow in putting the first step forward.
• Fashion Show – CF reported that plans for the proposed fashion show are well in hand. The proceeds were to go for the Macmillan Cancer support charity.
• Street choir festival – HWJ would contact them again re the question of stewarding the event ( there is no clash of dates as previously thought)
• Kronberg visit – Nothing to report on the suggested visit to the Kronberg R C. The issue regarding a pupil exchange had been resolved as it was a privately arranged visit and so the Ceredigion council policy was not applicable.
Chairman’s report. – HD reported that his main aim during the forthcoming year was to try and increase our membership by making the club as inclusive as possible. He was concerned at the lack of a JVP and would be working with CF to try and fill the vacancy. MD reported that this was a subject on the agenda for Club Council. HD was also concerned about the apparent lack of back-up for JB, the web master and would have a chat with JB about it in due course.
Web pages/Visits – Due to JB’s absence, there was nothing to report.
Sports – The golf tournament was to be held on the 13th of June. The trophy would be presented at the Club Assembly.
Programme- the programme was nearly full until mid Feb. David Curtiss, the DG, had not come forward with a date for his visit and it was suggested by RM that CF invited him to his Charter night. Bill Walker, the ADG was not able to attend our assembly but would be sending a suitable representative from the hierarchy; he was intending to visit us on the 15th October. Aled Griffith Jones, the newly appointed National Librarian, would be the main speaker at the Charter night and Nick Perdikis was lined up to respond on behalf of the guests.
Membership – Richard Griffiths would be sending out an e-mail on this subject requesting club members to update his list of prospective members. The Club Council would be asked to give Bryn Button leave of absence as he would be in Malawi for some months and also Council would be asked for some action regarding the non-attendance of a member.
Almoner – John Ockey was congratulated on his BIG birthday and 65th wedding anniversary. He reported that he had nothing to report except that Joyce Hill had shingles and Mildred Jones was OK.
PRO – HSL reported that the CN were printing his reports. HWJ was going to enquire of the CN about a photo taken when a donation was presented to the Air Ambulance after the concert.
AOB – The first round of the quiz was being organised by Aberaeron and would be between them, Lampeter and ourselves. Sonia was willing to arrange a visit to the panto at Christmas time. RM asked that due to his retirement next year, some thought be given as to where our archives could be stored. HD would make enquiries of the county archivist to see if some of the more interesting papers could be lodged with them. Sorting out the papers would be a task that needed doing soon. Publicity for the wishing well project on Water aid is in hand, it will be re-furbished in October by HSL.

AGM report 23 April 2013
The Club Service Committee has enjoyed another busy year.

We note with great sadness the death of Past President Bill Jones after a long illness bravely borne, and of Past District Governor Alan Thomas who, sadly, was only able to be a member for a short period of time before he was taken from us. We were glad that, through his transfer to Aberystwyth from Cowbridge, Alan was able to maintain a continuous period of Rotary membership spanning some 50 years.
Paul Finch tendered his resignation from the Club as a consequence of a family move from Aberystwyth. We are most grateful to Paul for his fellowship and contribution to the work of the Club during the period of his membership.
One of our main objectives this year was to increase the membership of the Club. We were very pleased to welcome Martin Davies, David McParlin and Andrew Mort as new members of the Club as well as Past President Derrick Whiting on his transfer from the Rotary Club of Battersea, Brixton and Clapham.
During the early part of the year the Flood Appeal was a major pre-occupation for the Club. Thanks to the generous donations received from Aberystwyth Rotarians and many other Clubs in the District and beyond, the Club was able to collect and present over £12,000 to the North Ceredigion Flood Appeal Fund.
During the year we continued our commitment to the Polio Eradication Project using income from the Wishing Well on the Promenade and our share of the proceeds from the Pig Roast. Having completed our commitment to Polio Plus, the income from the Wishing Well will now be used to support Water Aid.
One of the Committee’s earlier tasks was to make arrangements for the Area Quiz Competition in November between Aberaeron and ourselves here at the Marine Hotel. Our team won this first round contest and went forward to compete in the Area Final against Carmarthen Tywi and Llandovery. Despite a closely fought contest we did not proceed further but it was an enjoyable evening hosted by the Lampeter Club at the Grannell Hotel, Llanwnnen.
In late October Phil Evans arranged a very successful visit to the Range Rover factory in Solihull. We were driven around the factory site in a fleet of Land Rovers and saw how Range Rovers are assembled from the pressing of body panels to final assembly and finishing. We were all given Certificates of Attendance at the end of the visit and stopped for a delicious meal at the Lion in Llandinam on the way backIn January, Past President Sonia Dobson kindly arranged for a Group of Rotarians and partners to see the Warden’s production of Aladdin at the Arts Centre and to go backstage afterwards. It was a very enjoyable evening including making the acquaintance of the Dalek which was one of the stars of the show.
A concert arranged by President Hywel in association with the High Sheriff of Dyfed to raise money for the Air Ambulance was held at Llanbadarn Church on 17th March. It was an enjoyable evening, compered by Geraint Thomas, featuring Y Tri Tenor, Cor Ger y Lli and other local artists. Inner Wheel members and partners of Rotarians provided refreshments for the artists after the Concert.
Past President Huw Spencer Lloyd has continued to ensure the Club receives good and regular publicity in the Cambrian News. Thanks to Huw the Club’s activities have been well reported both in the Spokesman and Rotary Today, including Past President John Ockey’s excellent valedictory for Past President Godfrey Hill. Our thanks must also go to Past President Mike Price for acting as official photographer thoughout the year.
Rtn John Bradshaw has continued his excellent work on the Club’s website which is one of the best presented and informative of any Club. It is an extremely useful recruitment tool for prospective new members and a vital link for Aberystwyth Rotarians.
Rtn Bob Hughes-Jones again organised the Sports Competition. A number of Rotarians have taken part in this year’s bowls and pool competitions with the Golf Competition still to come. The Llanidloes Sports Night was held in March at the Blue Bell in Llangurig but sadly, on this occasion, our team lost narrowly. After years of diligent Service, Bob has decided that it is now time to pass the baton on to someone else. Iori Jones will be our new Sports Officer and our special thanks are due to Bob for his hardwork and dedication over the past 10 years.
During the year, we have enjoyed a full and varied programme and our thanks go to Rtn Geraint Thomas as Speaker Secretary. We have heard moving accounts from those personally affected by the floods last year. Past President Richard Morgan gave interesting and thought provoking talks on two occasions, for which we are most grateful.
Our Almoner, Past President John Ockey, had another busy year keeping in touch with members who were suffering illness and providing both the Committee and the Club with regular updates. I’m sure his contact and support was much appreciated by all.
Our thanks go to President Hywel and Joy for organising such a successful Charter Night with the support of a number of Committee members. The event was well attended, with excellent speakers, and the Raffle raised £400 for the local branch of the Alzheimers Society. We are indebted to Rtns Geraint Thomas, Alan Wynne Jones, and Past President Ian Rees for the excellent musical entertainment they provided.
Finally, I wish to thank all the members of the Committee for their willing support in the work of the Committee. In particular, my thanks go to our extremely efficient Club Secretary, Michael Deaville, Rtn Bob Hughes-Jones for writing the minutes so promptly and accurately, and our Treasurer, Richard Morgan for his invaluable work in keeping the Club’s finances in order.


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