club council

Club Council

The role of Club Council is to provide a forum to receive committee reports and to coordinate activity and facilitate decision -making. It receives the reports of  all the committees and reports from the Treasurer on a regular  basis.It provides advice to the President and other officers and is the senior  management committee of the club.

17/2018 committee members
Martin Davies (Chair), Derrick Whiting (IPP), Michael Deaville, David McParlin, John Harries, Bob Hughes-Jones, Meurig Lewis, Hywel Davies, Robin Varley, Alan Axford, Colin Fletcher, Howard Jones, Eifion Lewis.

Club Council Meeting held on 27 November 2017

Minutes of the Club Council Meeting held on 27th November 2017 at Brynsiriol, Lluest  

Present: President Martin Davies (Chairman), Michael Deaville, Colin Fletcher, Hywel Davies, Robin Varley, Alan Axford, David McParlin

  1. Apologies: Derrick Whiting, John Harries, Howard Jones, Eifion Lewis, Meurig Lewis, Bob Hughes-Jones
  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 19th September 2017 were approved and signed. 
  1. Matters arising:

[ACTUM 7 ] Club had agreed that a Shelterbox should be purchased at a cost of £590. This  has  been purchased and a letter of thanks received from Shelterbox.

  1. Correspondence
  • Club Insurance Requirements
  • PPL licence has been received by the Secretary via the District web site in time for playing of music during the Christmas collections.. 

4.2Champion for Change

  • The Chairman updated the Council on the competition was agreed that of the criteria given, our bid which focused on the work of Rotarian Alan Axford and HAHAV should be Economic and Community Development. 
  • FAQs
  • These were being prepared for the website and were of an administrative nature to field enquiries eg eligibility for Foundation scholarships, do we  have funding for Ambassadorial scholars and other questions of this type
  1. Christmas Soiree

 The Christmas Soiree, a popular event, would this year be organised by the officers, the proceeds would be donated to the Christmas Collection charities

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Robin reported that the balances as at the ends of September and October and estimated for the 26th November were:


Account SEPT 30 OCT 30 Est Nov 26th
General 4516.46 4435.12 4415.12
Lunch 2593.55 3895.55 3499.85
Charities 5186.92 5244.67 4832.49
Lionel White 3144.27 3317.54 3344.52
COIF 7853.72 7853.72


Lotteries Licence £20.00

Lunch Account

Oct Meals £1083.70

November meals to come (Estimated £1166)


Shelterbox £590.00

Posters re Xmas Collection £72.00

Young Musician – £73.00 (possibly transfer cost of meals for YMs to Lunch a/c)

Lionel White Scholarship

No significant activity 


The Treasurer recommended that the spend on posters ( which had been  negotiated with and designed by the University) should not be repeated . This spend, he maintained, would normally come from the related charity activity , but it was agreed that his would not be appropriate for the Christmas Collection. The President Elect believed that a  local solution could be found to list the charities supported to display in the A frames.

  • Service Committee Reports 

7.1 Club Service Committee held on 7th November  2017 

1.Membership Development and Promotion group: the group had met on 1st November and Sonia reported on its discussions:

  • Sonia to update the prospective membership list for club service. It was suggested that members should be encouraged to bring guests to both the lunch and evening meetings.
  • Richard and Hywel are working on producing a “come and join us” laminated poster to display at all events.
  • Christmas Lights Switch on. The stall in Baker Street is booked at no charge and there has been excellent support from members to help on the day and to marshal the procession. We will be selling Christmas cards, Calendars and hopefully the crocuses. Consideration was given to whether we could sell Christmas puddings, but this may not be practical due to the cost.
  • Several suggestions for events in the coming year were discussed:
  • Mince pie contest, cooked solely by members. Possibly on the 5th December at the Christmas soiree.
  • 3 Members need to give consideration to the future of the annual pig roast which is declining in popularity. It is in need of a revamp or alternatively should it be replaced with another fund raising event?  ‚
  • 4 Fish and Chip supper night at The Oak, Llanfarian. JB has details.
  • Christmas caroling.
  • Reintroduce the Santa Sleigh run around the streets. John has details.
  • Film Premiere night at the Arts Centre for the film “Breathe”; Sonia to enquire at the Arts Centre.
  • John and Hywel are working on a FAQ page on the website as well as a link to make donations.
  • Aberystwyth Rotary Club 70th Anniversary in 2018.
  • A plan is needed for 70th year events “70 years of Rotary in Aberystwyth serving the community”.
  • President is working on an article with Huw Bates for the EGO ƒ
  • One suggestion is a volunteering day open to the public, which would involve inviting all charitable / volunteering organisations in the Aberystwyth area, possibly in Morlan. 

2 Programme: Richard reported that it is progressing well. 

3 Rotaract: Richard reported that 9 Rotaractors had helped marshall the recent fireworks display, during which they had carried out a collection. It is anticipated that they will be available to assist with our Christmas collections.                                                          

4 Visits: Previous suggestions are still under review. 

5 Sports: No report. 

  1. Web: John submitted a written report:

7 The programme, the excellent speaker report page, and 5 out of 6 committee pages are up to date.

8 The collection rota schedules (fair & lights, town centre, and supermarkets) are published and will be amended weekly after each Rotary meeting.

FAQ is in under development.

9 Almoner: Colin reported contact with several of our absent members: Bob is due to have his final treatment session, Eifion has just undertaken his first treatment, and John Ockey sends best wishes to club. 

10  PRO: No report. 

11: Michael will attend a President Elect’s preparation session at Narberth on 14th November.


  • Club Service had noted: 
  • In the light of a recent “fast-track” induction to coincide with the DG’s visit, it was noted that the usual arrangement is for a prospective member to attend and experience several Club meetings, to then have an “information meeting” with Club officers, following which a 2 weeks or so period before induction provides a “cooling-off” time.


  • 70th anniversary 
  • Council RESOLVED that the focus should be on the 75th anniversary NOT THE 70TH but that the 2018 Charter night programme should be branded accordingly and a Club 70 th  birthday photograph  of all members arranged. 
  • Extensive planning with an appropriate programme of activity should be put in place for the  75th, planning should take place for this at least one year in advance.                                                
  • Community and Vocational Committee 7th November 2017 

7.2.1.    Appointment of Vice-Chair

Club Council has asked Committee Chairs to appoint Vice Chairs to provide cover should they be away or indisposed.  PP John Harries was thanked for kindly agreeing to serve in this capacity.

7.2.3 .    Visually Impaired Club.

The provision of lifts had started on 4 September and sufficient volunteers are in place until December.

7.2.4.   Christmas Collection 2017

  • £340 was raised at the collection at Morrison’s Supermarket on Friday 6th   Many thanks to all the Rotarians who took part as Collectors on the day.  The new A Frames had been used together with posters featuring this year’s main four charities designed and printed using the resources of the University’s Design Studio to give a more professional appearance to the Club’s fundraising activities.
  • Collections are also planned for Saturday 2nd December (to coincide with the Christmas Lights Switch On and Lantern Parade), Friday, 8th December at Tesco (when it is hoped Cor Meibion Aberystwyth will be available to sing), and on Friday, 15th December at Morrison’s. Town Centre collections, for which the Club has a licence, will take place on Wednesday, 20th December (at the Rheidol Retail Park) and Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd December in Owain Glyndwr Square.  If we have sufficient Collectors, we may also send some to the Retail Park on the Saturday as this will be the last Saturday before Christmas.  Sign up boards for these collection dates are being sent round the Club.
  • A Parking Waiver has been obtained from Ceredigion County Council to enable us to park a vehicle on the pavement outside Siop y Pethe on the days we are collecting in Owain Glyndwr Square (21 to 23 December). The Waiver also includes provision for up to 15 minutes parking in the Goods Loading Bay/Limited Waiting Bay in Owain Glyndwr Square.
  • Phil Evans has kindly agreed to provide the Club with a van as in previous years and Mike Price is looking into how we can play a greater range of music (a combination of Christmassy and Traditional tracks in both languages) through the use of a USB Drive.

7.2.5.   Risk Assessment for the Christmas Collections

Club Council has asked Committee Chairs, in consultation with their Committees, and Alun Thomas, to prepare Risk Assessments for the activities undertaken by their Committees.  A draft Risk Assessment for the Christmas Collections, based on a Rotary Template and other examples, was considered.

Recommended:  That the draft Risk Assessment be considered for adoption by Club Council.

7.2.6.   Stewarding/Marshalling at Local Events

The next event for which the Club will be providing Marshalls is the Christmas Lights Switch On and Lantern Parade on Saturday, 2nd December.  The Club has been granted a licence for a street collection all day in the town centre and has a free stall at the Christmas Fair in Baker Street.  Menter Aberystwyth has invited us once again to help with the Christmas Lights switch on and will be using the Club’s Gazebo.

  • Draft Risk Assessment approved with minor drafting comments noted. Document has been circulated. Colin thanked for  this very  thorough work. 

7.3 International Committee 

The international committee had not met on 7th November 2017 and there was no report available.


Due to the unavoidable absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman Alan Wynne Jones took the chair.

7.4 1 Kids Out 

The project will be supported again this year.

7.4. 2 RYLA 

Emily Thomas gave an excellent presentation to members when she visited the club on 24 October 2017. She also agreed to visit Ysgol Penweddig to address prospective candidates for next year’s course. Geraint Thomas and Alan Wynne Jones hope to visit Ysgol Penweddig on Thursday 16 November 2017 to make the necessary arrangements and distribute leaflets about the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2018. Ysgol Penglais will also be visited for this purpose. During these visits the subject of mock interviews will also be raised in order to ascertain the requirements of each school.

7.4.3 Young Musician 

Arrangements are in hand for next week’s local round. To date there are 4 competitors. Due to the unavoidable absence of Ian Rees next week Alan Wynne Jones will be in charge of the event.

7.4.4 Young Chef 

Dewi Hughes reported that he had contacted Mrs Haigh, Head of Food Technology at Ysgol Penglais and that she informed him that it is her intention to hold a local round for interested Year 9 pupils in the near future. If the competition takes place then the winner will go forward to the Area 1 final in January 2018.

7.5 Foundation Committee Meeting 7th November 2017

The meeting was chaired by Huw Spencer Lloyd due to the unavoidable absence of the chairman Alan Axford
7.5.1. Christmas Cards: – It had been previously agreed that 750 cards would be printed by Cambrian Printers using the same card as the previous year, to be sold in packs of 5 at £3.50 per pack. Invoice from Cambrian Printers £235.20. Total sales to date £445.20 with 30 packs as yet unsold. Profit to date £210.
7.5.2. Christmas Puddings: – 12 puddings ordered and received from Cwmbran Rotary Club and all have been distributed by Hugh Davies at £10 per pudding.
7.5.3. Lionel White Scholarship: – Letter inviting applicants sent to the editor of Cambrian News 3rd Nov. 2017. Has not yet been published due to an unusually high demand for correspondence space. Likely to appear in next two weeks. Posters for each of the schools given to Geraint Thomas who will supply and publicise during his annual schools visits.
7.5.4. Lionel White Certificate: – Welsh translation has been agreed and Michael Deaville has agreed to print.


Michael reported that  a new committee structure was  recommended by Rotary which differed significantly to ours

AGREED : To continue with the existing structure which  meets  our business  needs effectively.


Club Council Meeting held on 18 September 2017

Minutes of the Club Council Meeting held on 18th September 2017 at Brynsiriol, Lluest 

Present: President Martin Davies (Chairman), Michael Deaville, Colin Fletcher, Meurig Lewis, Robin Varley

  1. Apologies: Alan Axford, Hywel Davies, John Harries, Howard Jones, Eifion, Lewis, David McParlin
  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 24th July 2017 were approved and signed.


  1. Matters arising:


  1. Correspondence
  • 4.1 Club Insurance Requirements
  •  The August 2017 insurance newsletter from Bartlett & Company Limited was noted and considered. It was agreed to undertake risk assessments on the various events staged by the club, with the chairs of the various service committees being asked to undertake these reviews in conjunction with the Club’s Health and Safety Officer.

4.2 Ballet for election of DG 2020-2021

  • The CV’s of the two candidates had been circulated. After discussion it was agreed to recommend to Club to vote for the election of Malcolm Latham of Cardiff East Rotary Club as DG for 2020-2021 and this recommendation will be presented to the Club at the business meeting on 26th September.
  1. Treasurer’s Report

Robin reported that the balances as at 30th August 2017 are:

General account £4,516.46
Lunch account £2,593.55
Charities account £5,186.92
Lionel White Scholarship account £3,144.27
COIF £7,853.72


It was noted that the balance in the Charities account included £166 received in September from book sales and a record-breaking receipt of £186.18 from the wishing well.


Rotarians: Iori Jones and Hugh Davies had audited the 2016-17 club accounts that day (18th September 2017). 

  1. Service Committee Reports


  • Club Service Committee held on 12th September 2017


  1. Minutes of previous meeting – 11th July 2017: approved.
  1. Matters arising: none.

 3.Membership Development and Promotion group: Sonia reported that following the recent induction of two new members, the prospective membership list had been updated with some new names.

The calendar of events for the rest of 2017 includes:

16th September. Farmers’ Market with Foundation committee and the sale of Christmas cards.

(Production of a calendar with images of local events was suggested).

November. Fireworks display to be supported with marshalls, in conjunction with Rotaract.

3rd December. Christmas Lights lantern parade and switch-on to be supported with marshalls, and sale of Christmas cards (and cards-for-all-purposes, calendars and other items?).

5th December. Christmas Soiree ideas needed.

Future events. Film Premier evening at the Arts Centre, being researched.

Gazebo loan to other organisations. No hire fee but charitable donations would be welcome.

Charitable expenses. John had now been billed for the A-frames but the MD&P group are still concerned that we cannot advertise that “all proceeds will go to charity” if legitimate expenses are paid for from the charitable income. Treasurer Robin responded with data showing charitable income, expenditure and expenses over the last few years; he anticipated that no expenses would be debited to this year’s collections. 

  1. Programme: Richard reported that he was in need of a replacement speaker for next week’s evening meeting and that the Christmas Soiree had been moved to 5th

Further discussion of the programme included a suggestion that International may need to review the date of the Pig Roast and even consider the nature of the event. 

  1. Rotaract: Richard was maintaining contact but had nothing significant to report.                                                          
  1. Visits: Michael suggested a possibility, namely a National Trust trip that he and Haydn had recently enjoyed to the Brecon Beacons National Park visitor centre and the Brecon Mountain Railway. Another suggestion was a ride on the Cambrian Coast railway, even if it was only as far as Penhelig with a meal at the Penhelig Arms. These suggestions, together with a possible visit to Inverness will be kept under review. 
  1. Sports: The 2017-18 cycle of competitions will start at the appropriate point in the calendar. 
  1. Web: John reported that all is well, but that contributions to Facebook are needed. He is in discussion with Hywel D about a FAQs page for the general public. There was also a suggestion that we have a “Giving” page. 
  1. Almoner: Colin reported a quiet period since the last meeting. 
  1. PRO: David continues to contribute excellent reports to the Cambrian News and to our website. 
  1. AOB: Mike P has soured a suitable AV lead for use with speakers’ Apple devices. 
  1. Date of next meeting: 14th November 2017.                                                           


  • Community and Vocational Committee 12th September 2017


  1. Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 18 July 2017 were approved.

  1. Visually Impaired Club.

The provision of lifts had started on 4 September and sufficient volunteers were in place until December.

  1. Christmas Collection 2017

A “sign – up” board had been circulated for the first collection date on Friday, 6 October in Morrison’s.  Posters with the Rotary Logo and Club web address on a blue background were being prepared for use with the Club’s A Frames.

Collections were also planned for Saturday 2 December (Christmas Lights and Lantern Parade), Friday, 8 December at Tesco (when it was hoped Cor Meibion Aberystwyth would be available to sing), and on Friday, 15 December at Morrisons.

We discussed when and where to collect in the Town Centre during the period 18 to 23 December (for which the Club has a licence).  Included in this discussion was the possibility of collecting on Thursday 14 and Saturday 16 December as another option, but a subsequent ‘phone call to the Licencing Officer has revealed that these two dates have already been taken.  The most likely outcome is that we will limit ourselves to a maximum of 4 days split between the Rheidol Retail Park and Owain Glyndwr Square.  Once we have finalised the Collection dates for Owain Glyndwr Square an application will be made for a parking waiver (to park a vehicle on the pavement).   Phil Evans has kindly agreed to provide the Club with a van as in previous years and Mike Price is looking into how we can play a greater range of music (a combination of Christmassy and Traditional tracks in both languages) through the use of a USB Drive.  We have tried this previously but differing volume levels have been a problem.  We may have to play whole CDs if we can transfer them to a USB Drive.


We considered requests for funding from local charities together with suggestions from Committee members and a list of Charities supported during the previous five years.  While we hope to raise sufficient funds to support a number of local charities, the following four main Charities are proposed for inclusion in our A Frame publicity material:

  • DASH – Disabilities and Self Help. The Charity provides leisure schemes and short breaks for local disabled children, young people, their parents and carers.
  • MIND – The mental health charity locally based in Aberystwyth.
  • HAHAV – Hospice at Home Aberystwyth Volunteering. Provides a Volunteer Service to the local community of North Ceredigion (Aberystwyth, Tregaron, Lampeter and Aberaeron)
  • Aberystwyth Alzheimers Group. Provides fortnightly Activity and Support Groups run by a facilitator for those affected by Alzheimers in North Ceredigion.
  1. Stewarding/Marshalling at Local Events

Many thanks to all members of the Club for their support as Stewards or Marshalls at the   Aberystwyth Carnival and Sea2Shore events.  The next event will be the Christmas Lights and Lantern Parade on Saturday, 2 December for which the Club has traditionally provided Stewards.

  1. Dementia Friendly Communities

Arising out of an initiative from DG Maggie Hughes, Chris Stokes of the Alzheimer’s Society will be speaking to the Club at its meeting on 17 October.  Hywel Jones (Chair of the local Alzheimer’s Society has been invited to this meeting as Colin Fletcher’s Guest.


6.3 International Committee


The international committee had not met on 12th September 2017 and there was no report available.


6.4 Youth Service Committee 12th September 2017


Present:- Eifion Lewis (Chair), Dewi Hughes, Alan Wynne Jones, Ian Rees and Geraint Thomas.

Apologies:- Dafydd Evans, Clive Parker, John Pugh-Jones and Ken Young.

  1. Kids Out

We will be supporting this project again this year.


Emily Thomas, who attended the  RYLA  course at Storey Arms, will be our speaker on Tuesday, 24th October and she will be presented with her Certificate.

  1. Young Photographer

Photos still awaiting to be judged.

  1. Young Musician

Marine Hotel has been booked for Tuesday, 14th November for our local Competition which will start at 6.30p.m. A one course dinner with coffee/tea will be served at approx 7.45p.m. at a cost of £12.

Ian Rees has arranged for two judges to attend. He has also been promised some sponsorship. It was noted that there are sufficient Certificates on hand.

Our club has been asked to hold a District Competition again this year at Penglais School which will take place in January. Alan Wynne Jones will be in charge of this event..

  1. Young Chef

Dewi Hughes will be contacting schools shortly. Having read all the rules recently it appears there is some uncertainty whether Coleg Ceredigion students are allowed to participate. Further investigation will take place.

  1. Youth speaks Welsh and English

We will be contacting schools in September.

  1. 7. Xmas Soiree

Singers from amongst the committee have agreed to help Hywel out at this event.

6.5 Foundation Committee 12th September 2017 

The Lionel White Award– the amended upper age limit of 23 years was confirmed allowing those students on a five year course to apply. Full details are on the Club website and a notice will appear on the Cambrian News in November. Dead line for applications 31 January 2018. Should schools be informed of the Scholarship?

A bilingual certificate for the successful candidate had been drafted by Michael Deaville with Hywel Wyn Jones and Delyth Davies involved in the translation.

Christmas Cards    Despite examining many photographs of Aber scenes by photographer Keith Morris none were deemed better than that used for the card last year. After some consultation it was agreed that last year’s image would be used again. There was some haste to produce the card because of sales at the Farmer’s market in September. HSL acted as the contact with Cambrian Printer and obtained a quote for 750 cards on 14-07-2017 viz £170 + VAT (£34) plus envelopes £56.25 Total £260.25

When the cards were collected the bilingual Season’s Greetings phrase had not been printed on the inside of the card. After some consultation with Club members it was decided to accept the cards (there were some not in agreement) It was felt that as well as being suitable as a Christmas Card it could be used an ‘occasion’ card

The printers offered a small discount. The revised invoice showed a charge of £235 inclusive of VAT. The cards would be on sale at £3.50 per pack of five or 3 packs at £10

Thanks to Richard Griffiths for organising the rota of Rotarians for the Club’s space at the Market as well as setting up the stall early on Sat 16 September.

Christmas Puddings per RC of Cwmbran Vale.

HD was able to produce a flyer from that Rotary Club-the puddings would again cost £10 each.   The charity benefitting would be Meningitis UK. A request list would be

circulated at an early Club meeting so that an order can be placed.

  1. Any other business 

Mention was made of recent global natural disasters. It was agreed that Council would recommend to the members that the Club should purchase a Shelterbox and this will be put to the members as soon as possible.




Club Council Meeting held on 24 July 2017


Minutes of the Club Council Meeting held on 24 July 2017 at Brynsiriol, Lluest 

Present: President Martin Davies (chairman), Derrick Whiting ,Colin Fletcher, Meurig Lewis, Howard Jones, Eifion Lewis,  Alan Axford, Robin Varley, Hywel Davies, David McParlin

  1. 1. Apologies: John Harries, Michael Deaville,
  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 10th April 2017 were approved and signed. 
  1. Matters arising:

No matters arising.

  1. Correspondence

Rotary communications

  • DG and DSec’s monthly reports, and other emails, had been circulated to Club Officers and appropriate actions taken.

Other communications

  • As noted by secretary.


  1. End Polio Now Campaign 

It was agreed to continue to support the above through the purchase of crocus bulbs. IPP Derrrick would  manage the distribution and planting process.

Through the good offices of new member Rotarian Dafydd Evans, NLW would be lit purple for the END POLIO day in October and appropriate publicity arranged by the Library and the Club.


The President had returned the questionnaire to District. He was identified in the return  as the officer with overall responsibility for compliance. The RIBI policy documents had  been made available to members of Council via the agenda (url link to website) and it was RESOLVED that we would as a Club agree formally to comply fully with these policies, namely:







{Since the meeting the President  has signed the required  statement for District confirming  the Club’s commitment to compliance}

AGREED: TO ask the Speaker Secretary to invite John Owen the District’s Compliance officer to  come to talk to Club

AGREED: To approach a Rotarian to act as deputy to Peter Gardner with regard to Health and  Safety( and safeguarding).

NOTED: Importance of conducting a  RISK ASSESSMENT FOR ALL Rotary events.

DBS checks would be  needed as required  in our dealings with  vulnerable adults ( eg Visually Impaired) and  children (eg Kids Out, Mock interviews etc). More guidance would be needed on good practice in this area from the District officer in the contexts appropriate to Rotary. Legislation had changed recently and would be changing again soon


  1. Treasurer’s Report

7.1Robin reported that the balances as at June 29th 2017 are:

General account £1963.46
Lunch account £2483.55
Charities account £4483.02
Lionel White Scholarship account £2520.84





  1. Service Committee reports

8.1Club Service Committee 11TH July 2017

  1. Chairman’s report: Michael had received some comments about the previous minutes, in that although decisions were reported, some discussion had not been recorded. He was happy to produce a slightly fuller version for Club Council, and a redacted version for web publication.
  2. . Membership, Development and Promotion group: The group is liaising with other organisations regarding us providing Rotary marshalls at the Far Old Line Festival, the Sea2Shore Festival and Aberystwyth Carnival. Jeremy Turner had recently given an enthusiastic talk to Club about the first event.
  3.  Replacement display A-frames have now been received at a cost of approx. £100 for two. (It was noted that this is a legitimate expense from our Charity account, approved by Club at the recent AGM. The MD&P group are not happy about this; but it was also noted that as Gift Aid will more than cover Club’s very modest charitable expenses, 100% of donations from the public are distributed to the Club’s charities.)
  4.  Two 7-day letters have just been issued and it is hoped that the two prospective members will be inducted on 18th July, on the occasion of the DG’s visit.
  1. Programme: Richard reported that the skeleton (dates of Club Council, Committees, AGM etc) of the 2017-18 programme had been created and was now being fleshed out with speakers, social events etc. The Young Musician evening will be on 14th November, so the Committees meeting will move to 7th (The web programme has been updated). The last meeting of 2017 and the first meeting of 2018 will be a “jovial” lunch and an evening New Year’s Message respectively. This year the Christmas soiree will be organised by our International committee.

IPP Derrick wished to record his appreciation to Richard of last year’s excellent programme.


  1. Rotaract: Richard was pleased with Rotaract’s participation as Cyclefest marshalls. Liaison between us and Aberaeron RC could be improved.
  1. Visits: The visit to the Royal Mint and to Penderyn had been a great success thanks to Bob H-J’s meticulous planning of the arrangements, despite Bob himself unfortunately being unable to go. Ideas for future visits, and volunteer organiser, will be welcomed. Inverness was suggested as a possibility, to be researched.
  1. Sports: The 2016-17 cycle of competitions had concluded with the presentation of the cup at Club Assembly. Iori is looking forward to arranging the 2017-18 competitions.
  1. Web: John reported that all is well, and asked that Committee Chairs be reminded to put their committee reports on the Club website.

Responsibilty for Club’s Facebook entries should pass to the incoming President, but Martin has deferred to Derrick’s expertise, with Martin exercising editorial control.

  1. Almoner: Colin had been busy in recent weeks, maintaining contact with a number of Rotarians (and/or their family) who have been unwell. Colin will continue to communicate sympathy and offers of practical support but reminded us that we need to keep him updated. Currently, Bob H-J tends his apologies while undertaking treatment; Allen Carr is out of hospital and hopes to be at meetings in the near future.
  2. PRO: David continues to contribute reports to the Cambrian News. The committee praised the quality of David’s input.
  3. AOB: Derrick reported that the 2017-18 District Conference will be in Plymouth on 13-15/10/17.

We are responsible for hosting the first round of the Quiz in the autumn. Hywel will pass this to our team captain, David.


8.2 Community and Vocational Committee  18th July 2017 

  1. Visually Impaired Club.

It was agreed to ask for volunteer drivers to assist Hywel Wyn Jones in providing lifts for members of the Visually Impaired Group to attend their fortnightly meetings at the Morlan Centre.  The dates (all Mondays) for the period to December are as follows:

September 4, 18

October 2, 16

November 6, 20

December 11


2    Christmas Collection 2017

We now have three “Supermarket” Collection days – Friday 6th October (Morrisons), Friday 8 December (Tesco) and Friday 15 December (Morrisons).  The approval to collect at Tesco includes both the upper floor area outside the entrance to the store and the downstairs Foyer.  Last year, Cor Meibion Aberystwyth sang on one of the Collection days and Hywel Wyn Jones has kindly agreed to look into the possibility of the Choir singing again this year (possibly on the upper floor at Tesco).  Phil Evans has kindly agreed to provide the Club with the use of a van for the Christmas Collections. We understand that newly purchased A Frames will be available for us to use to display publicity material pertaining to the main charities for which we will be collecting.

We have a licence to collect in the Town Centre from the 18th to the 23rd December (Monday to Saturday) and are considering how best to use the available days.  Shorter collection days (say from 11.00 to 3.00 have been suggested and we are also looking into the possibility of using one or more of the days to collect by Argos/Lidl/Iceland as this area is covered by the licence. Colin Fletcher and John Harries will look into this possibility in consultation with the Managers of the stores operating on the Alexandra Road site. Any unused days must be returned to Ceredigion County Council and made available to other Charities.

Suggestions from members of the Committee for possible Charities to benefit from the Christmas Collection were gratefully received.  One other request has been received and another may be in the pipeline.  Because our first Collection date (at Morrisons) is in early October we hope to finalise the four main Charities that will feature on our publicity material at our meeting on 12 September.  £400 of the money raised is usually set aside to support Kids Out and we have to hand a schedule of moneys paid to local Charities during the past five years.

3    Stewarding/Marshalling at Local Events

Boards have gone round (or are in the process of going round) seeking Stewards and/or Marshalls for the Aberystwyth Carnival on Saturday 29th July and the Sea2 Shore Event on Sunday 13th August.  The Club will have Meet and Greet stands at both events at which it is hoped to engage with prospective new members.  A request for Marshalling assistance has also been received from the organisers of the Gwyl Hen Linell Bell/Far Old Line Festival which runs from 21 July to 5 August.

  • Community Service Activities

The following Community Service Activities will continue this year

  1. Bronglais Hospital Paper Round (5 Rotarians currently involved as volunteers)
  2. Aberystwyth Visually Impaired Club (Rotarians provide lifts to and from meetings)
  3. Keep Wales Tidy.

Additional volunteers for the Bronglais Hospital Paper Round or to act as drivers for the Aberystwyth Visually impaired Club are always welcome.

  • Christmas Lights Switch On and Lantern Parade

A Licence to collect on the Street in the Town Centre on Saturday, 2 December, the day of the Christmas Lights Switch on and Lantern Parade, has been received.

8.3 International Committee 11th July 2017

The main business of the meeting was to discuss or rather have an update on the pig roast.

LF volunteered to provide raffle tickets. It is also necessary to ask for donations for the raffle prizes.

This can be done at the two preceding meetings i.e. 25/7 and 1/8.

RM volunteered to sell raffle tickets on the day.

HJ and Sue Davies (Inner Wheel) to visit the Rugby Club on 13/7 to meet with committee members and to discuss practical details such as salads, crockery, washing up details.

There isa need to IC members to volunteer their time on the 5/8 in order to prepare the outside area of the RC.

The Christmas Soiree was discussed with the possibility of theIC organising it.


8.4Youth Service Committee 11th July 2017 

  1. Kids Out

A very successful day out with Llwyn yr Eos, Penglais and Penweddig  schools took place on Wednesday, 5th July. This had been carried over from previous year due to problems with the venue at Capel Bangor. 31 children and 14 Carers were taken to Devil’s Bridge on the Rheidol Railway and then taken by bus to Nant yr Arian for their picnic before returning home.

  1. RYLA

Emily Thomas will finish her course on Friday, 28 July and a small presentation will be made at Storey Arms at around 5.30p.m. I hope to be in attendance.

  1. Young Photographer

      Photos awaiting to be judged.

  1. Young Musician

Alan  Wynne Jones have been asked to hold a Zone Competition again this year at Penglais which will take place in January. The local competition will be held at the Marine Hotel on the 14th November under the watchful eye of Ian Rees.

  1. Young Chef

      We will be contacting schools in September.

  1. Youth speaks Welsh and English

      We will be contacting schools in September.

7    Mock Interviews       

      Awaiting dates from the Schools. 


8.5 Foundation Committee 11th July 2017



1Christmas Cards

Richard Griffiths in contact with Keith Morris re. possible suitable photograph for this year’s card. As last years card was so successful it was suggested that it could be repeated if no suitable alternative.

Huw Spencer Lloyd agreed to enquire of Cambrian Printers the cost of supplying 750 cards.

2 Christmas Puddings

It is likely that the Rotary Club of Cwmbran will repeat the sale of puddings in support of the charity ‘Meningitis Now’. 24 to be ordered as per last year.

3 Lionel White Scholarship

The upper age limit has been increased to 23. Publicity of the scholarship to local schools takes place in October and in the past Alun John has assumed the role. Following his resignation there is need to confirm who will be responsible for this year. It was suggested that Geraint Thomas might agree to do this. An advert is also placed in the Cambrian News around the time of half term.

Former recipient Hannah Glasser to present to the club during August.

Presentations from Ffion Edwards and Rowena Donnison, this years recipients, yet to be confirmed.

Past President Derrick had asked Hugh Davies to design an appropriate certificate to be presented to future recipients. It was agreed that this should be presented at next Council Meeting.


An application for funding to support an elective period in a hospital at Dar es Salaam in July this year was received by Past President Derrick in May. As Foundation Committee did not receive this until after the time of the proposed visit it was agreed that funding could not be made retrospectively. Chairman to inform applicant Megan Meredith.



It was AGREED that  Lionel White scholars should receive a certificate designed with Rotary  logo. Examples  in draft were shown

RECOMMENDED :To thank everyone concerned with this excellent project.The text should be bilingual. Certificates to be used as soon as they were available ( after accurate translation and proofing). Chairman given executive authority to proceed

Signed……………………………………… (President)

Club Council Meeting held on 10 April 2017

Present: President Derrick Whiting (chairman), Hugh Davies,  Michael Deaville, Lindsay Fletcher, John Harries,Bob Hughes-Jones Meurig Lewis, Richard Morgan, Alun Thomas, Robin Varley, Ken Young, Hywel Davies

1. Apologies: Martin Davies,

2.Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 6th February 2017 were approved and signed.

 3.Matters arising:
3.1 ACTUM 6: Agreed to support the Cycle Fest as much as we were able particularly given their generous donation to support local charities.

Rotary communications
DG and DSec’s monthly reports, and other emails, had been circulated to Club Officers and appropriate actions taken.
* Letter of thanks from Hospice at Home Aberystwyth Volunteers.

5.RIBI Conference Manchester April 2017
The President had attended the Conference and gave a full report on the proceedings, . The planned increases in RIBI subscriptions were noted:from £52.00 per member  in 2016 /17 to :
2017/8: £60.00

6.Treasurer’s Report
6.1Robin reported that the balances as at 10th April 2017 are:

General account £1991.98
Lunch account £2294.95
Charities account £7993.42
Lionel White Scholarship account £3981.04
      COIF £7853.72

6.2 It was noted that the balance  of the lunch account appeared to be high and that some of the  monies should be used for other purposes. The Charities Account balance includes a recent Gift Aid  payment from HMRC of  £1336.05

6.3 The Treasurer gave a breakdown of the composition of the Club’s annual membership subscription ( payable by members on the  1st of July) currently £110 per annum

  • RIBI – £52.00
  • District £25.00
  • Charter Night £27.00
  • Club £6.00

In light of the RIBI increase  from £52 to £60 (see 5 above), the Treasurer recommended  that the  membership fee for Club  should  increase in line with this RIBI increase and accommodate it, and should therefore become £118 for 2017/18.  District were not proposing an increase in their subscription.

6.4 A lively discussion ensued which also covered the recommendation from Club Service (Membership and Development and Promotion sub group, see 7.2 below) that some additional expenditure should  be incurred to cover infrastructure costs and a  budget set aside for this purpose, met from membership fees.

6.5 In discussion, the following were noted:
* It is entirely legitimate for appropriate and approved operational costs to be met by charitable donation and this was a well-established practice in charity funding. One senior member of Council reported that this had been the custom and practice within this Club.
*A costed proposal should be made by Club Service outlining the spend and its purposes and submitted to Club Council or for the Chairman’s consideration with regard to possible executive action if there was a long period before Council.
*The setting of an ad hoc budget for these purposes was not deemed appropriate. But reasonable requests were welcomed and likely to be approved to serve the interests of the Club to meet its charitable objectives
*Rotary membership costs were thought to be higher than other service club costs in the area
* The surplus from Charter Night

6.6. A counter proposal was submitted of an increase of £5 from £110 to £115 and this was put to the vote and carried by 8 votes for to 5 against:

RESOLVED: The the membership subscription fee for 2017/18 to be recommended to the AGM would be £115 .

 7  Service Committee reports

7.1Club Service Committee 4th April 2017
Chairman:- MD reported that he had attended a PETS meeting on the previous Saturday. It was noted there that Rotary in Wales would be celebrating it’s centenary in 2018 and the hierarchy were pondering as to what major event would be a suitable celebration of this milestone; many ideas were in the pipeline, watch this space. Coincidentally it would be our club’s 70th anniversary that year. As is the case each year, there is some worry regarding falling membership numbers not only in the district but throughout RIBI and all incoming presidents were asked to address this issue as a priority.

Membership , Development & Promotion:- Most of the hour-long meeting was taken up in discussions regarding the recent meeting which the MD&P group had held on the 28th March. It was reported that there were a couple of very positive proposals regarding new members being worked on but no definite names to go forward.

A brief resume of the MD&P group’s deliberations, suggestions, proposals and requests are appended. Discussions on the main points of their report followed in depth and at length.

Programme:- RG reported that all is well.

Rotaract:- Cordial relations were enjoyed by Rotaractors and members of Aberystwyth and Aberaeron a’r Cylch Rotary clubs at the recent Charter presentation evening for the new Rotaract club of Aberystwyth held at Brynamlwg social Club. It is hoped that, with the continued support of both Rotary clubs, the fledgling Rotaract club will thrive.

Visits:- BH-J reported that plans were in hand for a visit to the Royal Mint on May 23rd. Final details would be made known as soon as finalised. DW would be willing to arrange another trip to The Royal Hospital, Chelsea should any Rotarian be interested.

Sports:- We had a successful evening at Llangurig in our match against Llanidloes. Our pool tournament had been held recently and won by Robin Varley. The golf tournament was to be held at Penrhos on May 16th.

Web:- The Club service committee were rather anxious to see service committee minutes being published on the web pages. It fully endorses the need why they have to be ratified by Club Council before publication and it was suggested that as soon as possible after being agreed at a higher level, the committee chairs or secretaries resume the practice of inputting the sanitised (if needed) reports onto the  relevant web page themselves. This would help in reducing the workload of the club’s secretary.

Almoner:- No Report

PRO:- Nothing to report

7.2 Appendix to the Club Service report :- Deliberations on the work carried out by the MD&P group.
The group wishes to emphasise that their function is to provide support to the relevant service committees at their events whilst simultaneously enhancing the profile of Rotary and attracting new members.

Various scheduled events and possible forthcoming additions to the programme where such support would be of benefit were put forward to Club service and were analysed as to where and to what extent the publicity/promotional role of the club could be used to enhance the profile of the club during these events.

  1. May 23rd to 29th – AberCycle Fest. The probability is that our assistance in Stewarding during the main events would be required. The main event, though not televised this year, will still form part of the national series and is of high profile. ( com.voc remit)
  2. June 10th Aberystwyth show. There was some discussion on this proposal as it was felt that even though it would be a popular event as far as the numbers of the public attending the show, it would be difficult for us to make our presence felt in a meaningful way. Also the cost of putting up a stall on the field and locating it in a favourable pitch, should we go ahead, was also felt to be risky in terms of a positive return for the work involved. However, it was felt that we could perhaps , in partnership with a like minded group, promote water aid at the show. (international)
  3. July 29th Town Carnival. Marshalling would be required. As yet we have not had any details regarding the Carnival and the group are in the process of obtaining information (com voc)
  4. August 6th, Pig Roast. Promo help for the event (international and IW)
  5. August 13th Sea2Shore Festival. No details have emerged as yet but our presence would be required in some form, not necessarily as assisting but definitely with some promotional stall (com voc)
  6. Baker street farmer’s market, stall etc and the sale of Christmas cards (int)
  7. November 5th or there about. Our services last year were much appreciated by Round Table as their active membership is struggling to maintain this event. We need to do everything possible to support their organisation in putting on this event as we would not like to see it fold.
  8. December 2nd Christmas lights event. We need to be fully active in this event; the publicity that we achieved with our Gazebo did us the power of good. We must be careful though not to usurp the good work done by Menter Aberystwyth.
  9. Christmas street collection – main promo activity.

Other ideas put forward were of a more tenuous nature; A summer street collection –  the ducks have flown so this is probably a non-starter, A dinner dance – recent attempts have failed to get off the ground, A non-denominational Christmas Carol service – something the incoming President wishes to consider.

The group would like to consider some form of funding for infrastructure material so that our approach to events and appearance at community orientated projects could be more professional. An example of this is our current A boards which are well past their sell-by date.  Club Council minutes of the 27th July,2015 and 28th September 2015 report that the issue of A boards was raised then “– and Club Council agreed with the need for improvements to both music and signage —agreed that Hywel (J) liaise with the MD&P group to report on the logistics, priorities and costs of improving our image at the Christmas collection.”

A new sound system and Gazebo had since been purchased but more is required in the form of new A boards. Enquiries had been made as to the cost of new A boards which is a reasonable £32.8 each. Having self-funded a heavy duty speaker stand for the sound system, the group would like the club council to agree to the instigation of some form of internally generated pot of money to enable minor purchases to be made for the use of all committees in doing promo work for the club. It was also felt that there is no ring- fenced source of funding that we can draw on towards such as the repair and up-keep of the wishing well, being reliant at the moment on the good-will and pocket of members. It was mentioned that as a Service club, putting your hand in your pocket was not the ethos of Rotary. It was suggested by Club service that a small addition to the membership fee, a 100 club draw or an increase in our weekly raffle cost would enable the promo work to be self- financing. A small pot of money raised from the members to further this objective should be considered.

7.3 Community and Vocational Committee  4th April 2017
The report of the meeting was received and adopted as follows:

1.Visually Impaired Club – An email had been received from Gillian Hopkins of the Visually Impaired Club indicating that they did not have a regular meeting until 15th May due to two bank holidays. She thanked the Rotary Club for donating £100 to the VIP Club and for our continued support with the transport of members to meetings. She also wished to thank the person who had taken photos at the Richmond Hotel and who had sent copies to her. Past President Hywel Jones will monitor future dates.

2.Christmas Collection – Monies had been donated to the various charities on 10th March at the Richmond. Thanks were due to Richard Griffiths for arranging the venue and providing light refreshments. Also thanks to Huw Spencer Lloyd for his camera work. Dates have been booked with Ceredigion County Council and a Licence obtained to collect at Bank Square from the 18th to the 23rd December (Monday to Saturday inclusive). Iori Jones had been in touch with Morrisons and they had indicated once more that they were only agreeable to one day per charity, in the circumstances Iori had booked Friday 15th December. An approach had been made to Tesco’s but there was no response as yet and an approach will be made to Marks & Spencers in due course.

3.Aber Cycle Fest – Club had received an email from Shelley Childs indicating that in collaboration with Ceredigion County Council Aber Cycle fest were planning a full day’s entertainment on the prom and around the town with no less than 15 races between 1.30pm and 9.00pm on Friday 26th May. It was unanimously agreed that the club would support Aber Cycle Fest and the Chairman would respond appropriately to Shelley.

4.Future Events for the Diary

Cycle Fest 26/27th May

Aber Show 10th June

Aberystwyth Carnival 29th July

Sea to Shore 13th August

5.Keep Wales Tidy – Past President Richard Morgan confirmed that he had been in contact with Ceredigion County Council and requested that the Council should contact the Club as and when they have a project. If nothing is heard he will make contact at the end of April/beginning of May.

7.4 International Committee 4th April 2017

 Item 1 : Future Events : Duck Race. Unfortunately this has been postponed indefinitely. The two problems identified is 1. The inability to secure places at Morrisons / Tesco for collection. 2. Ducks are no longer available from Rtn Alan Carr. Ducks are available to buy at a cost of approximately £100 per 500. It was thought that with the inability too secure places at the Supermarkets insufficient donations would be received to make the event viable. Also it has come to the Chairmans notice of another Duck Race taking place, but date unknown. Pig Roast : A preliminary date has been booked with the Rugby Club for Sunday 6th August. This to be confirmed by the incoming Chairman with the Inner Wheel.

Item 2 :  Charities to be considered. This was discussed with the committee. We have roughly £700 in the Charities account available for a donation from the Pig Roast / Silent Auction. £200 was donated to the Rotary Club of Marlow for their appeal for Medical Equipment in West Africa, this being a follow up to the EBOLA crisis. The Chairman has sent a message to the District International Chairman Geoff Gunson enquiring about any International Charities looking for donations, to date there has been no reply.

Item 3 : Other Items . There were no other outstanding items from the committee members at this time.

No further outside correspondence had been received for the International Committee since the last meeting.

 7.5Youth Service Committee 4th April 2017

There were no minutes of this committee but Ken Young provided a verbal report. The committee’s work for the year will be reported to the AGM

7.6 Foundation Committee 4th April 2017
The report of the meeting was received and adopted as follows:

Two applications had been received and approved since our last meeting.
The first Ffion Edwards will be going to Uganda for three weeks in June working with East African Playgrounds where they will be building playgrounds for the many disadvantaged children in the area. Ffion has been awarded £750 and will be presented with a cheque on Tuesday 11 April before the AGM.
A further £750 has been awarded to Rowena Donnison, who due to other commitments, will be unable to attend a presentation. A cheque has already been sent out to her.
In the summer Rowena will be spending a month in Panama working with Floating Doctors who work to reduce the burden of disease in the developing world.
On numerous occasions since the Lionel White Scholarship was set up, it has not always been possible to use all the funds available. As many students are in University for five years it was felt that raising the age limit from 21 to 23 would result in more applications being received each year. The age qualification deadline is at present unclear and it is proposed to clarify the situation by stating that the applicant should be no older than 23 on the 31 January, which is also the closing date for applications.

An ‘e’ mail had been received from Cwmbran Vale Rotary Club thanking us for our support and confirming that a donation of £8,000 had been made by Rotary to the Charity “Meningitis Now”
They expect to be selling Christmas Puddings again this year, but have not yet decided on the Charity to support.

8. Election of Honorary Member

Meurig Lewis  proposed that PP John Ockey should be  made an honorary member in view of  his outstanding contribution to the Club and this was unanimously approved

Signed……………………………………… (President)



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