Aberystwyth Rotary club President 2017/18

Martin Davies

The President’s message

Aberystwyth Rotary Club is now the largest Rotary club in the Rotary district of Southern Wales. It is a vibrant club of over 40 enthusiastic members, drawn from many different walks of life, who meet weekly for fellowship and to further our various projects intended to support the local community and the various charities and good causes which we support both locally and internationally.

Joining the club five years ago has given me the opportunity of making new friends and of helping others in practical ways. This year’s Rotary motto is “Making a Difference”.  My membership of Rotary has certainly made a difference to my outlook on life.

The Aberystwyth club was formed 70 years ago.  Its continued success is derived not only from the vibrancy of past and current members but also from the support the club receives from the local community in Aberystwyth and the surrounding area.  As well as thanking the club members for their friendship and dedication, I therefore take this opportunity of thanking the local community for its support for our activities.

Thank you for visiting the club website. If that visit has been prompted by your desire to “make a difference”, I urge you to browse its other pages. Better still, use this website to contact us and arrange to come to one of our meetings to sample first hand what Aberystwyth Rotary Club is about. You will be made  welcome  and I doubt you will be disappointed by what you find.

My best wishes for the ensuing year,

Martin Davies


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